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How to buy a glass suction cup tool

Glass suction cup tools are quite a helpful tool. A glass suction cup has a variety of lifting ranges with several applications. As such, some factors will affect the type of suction cup tool you buy. Let's be frank; not everyone has the same need. Some may require a glass suction cup tool to remove a dent; others may need it to lift a heavy load. So, it's necessary to understand your need in other to buy a glass suction cup tool that will serve you. In this post, we would be educating you on how to buy a glass suction cup tool.

What to consider when buying a glass suction cup tool

Suction cup

One thing that makes a lifter the best is the type of suction cup. When buying a glass suction cup tool, it is crucial to consider the suction cup's size. The size of the suction cup contributes to the lifting capacity of the lifter. A small suction cup can retain less vacuum than a larger suction cup. As such, a glass suction cup tool with a small suction cup can lift less weight than a glass suction cup tool with a larger suction cup.

There are various sizes of suction cups in the market ranging from 5-inch to 10-inch in diameter. Each dimension of the suction cup serves a specific purpose. Most time, glass suction cup tools with a small suction cup are useful with delicate tasks such as replacing or repairing glass windows, changing windscreen or lifting small loads. However, lifters with a much bigger suction cup are more suitable for lifting heavy objects.


Most suction cup tools come with a plunger which helps to maintain a vacuum. The type of plunger you have on your device will affect the amount of negative pressure or how easy it will be to create negative pressure. If you plan on moving heavy loads, we recommend going for a lifter with a plunger. When a lifter comes with a plunger, it can hold more vacuum, allowing you to carry more load with less risk of losing pressure and the load falling off.

If your glass suction cup tool takes 2-3 pumps to restore the vacuum, then the lifter is worth buying. Take note, the plunger on some suction cup tool comes with a red line indicator. It's best to go for a lifter with this feature, as the red line shows you the vacuum level in the suction cups. Also, ensure the plunger is made of durable materials like brass because they are stronger than lifters with aluminum or plastic.

Plunger for DAMO Suction Cup Tools & Workshop Equipment Hand Tools


Another factor to consider when buying a glass suction cup tool is the handle design that comes with it. Two main types of handle design that come with glass suction cup tools are horizontal and vertical. Both handles have different applications. As such, it's crucial to determine the kind of task you want to accomplish with a suction lifter so that the handle design on the lifter you buy is best for the job.

The reason for different handle designs is to make working with a suction lifter convenient. Glass suction cup tools with vertical handles are often used for lifting loads like windows, glass doors, and so on. Whereas glass suction cup tools with horizontal handles are often used for lifting loads like stone slabs, table tops, paves, and so on.

Type of material

One of the essential features to consider when buying a suction lifter is the type of material used for the suction cup. The suction cup of a lifter is composed of different compounds such as alloy, plastic, aluminum, etc. Each compound comes with specific advantages to the lifter. Since most times these cups are exposed to moisture, dirt, and even chemicals, their integrity can easily be compromised. Especially if the suction cups are made of rubber, they can quickly deteriorate by dirt and moisture. If the suction cup

Ensure the material used on the suction tool you are buying is made with heavy-duty materials. They last longer and can withstand heavy weight. Even glass suction cup tools that make use of plastic are ABS plastic which is a heavy-duty form of plastic. As such, it is vital that the suction cups of the lifter you are buying come with a type of material that can withstand environmental factors to a certain degree. One more thing to consider is the material of the handle and the plunger. The handle should be durable enough to withstand the tool's weight, and the plunger should be strong enough for continuous pumping.


Lastly, it's vital to ensure the glass suction cup tool you buy is easy to maintain. Because while functionality should be one of the main factors to consider when purchasing this tool, maintaining it shouldn't also be neglected. These suction cups are often exposed to dirt, moisture, rust, and chemical contaminants. Since these cups are made of rubber, using petroleum-based cleaners would degrade the rubber. As such, if there is any dirt between the cup and surface, it should be easy to clean. Additionally, it's best to go for a suction cup tool that comes with a carrying case. This provides a safe place to store the cup, so it's not exposed to damage in the environment.

In conclusion, now that you know what to consider when buying a glass suction cup tool, what's next. We recommend checking out our catalog to find the best lifter that suits your needs. Based on these factors to consider in this post, sort out the suction cups and then choose the best one out of them. If you still have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section.

glass suction cup tool
How to buy a glass suction cup tool