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Probst VPH 150 Vacuum Slab Lifter Review

Laving of slabs and paving can be adventurous yet back-breaking work. However, when you use the right tool for this operation, the entire process will be easy for you. There are different manual and hydraulic vacuum lifting types of equipment that can be used in handling and lifting slabs and pavers with ease. Some of these devices can be used with excavators, cranes, loaders, tractors, and skid steers. 


There are currently so many available vacuum lifters that are designed to make slab and paving lifting stress-free. These devices have proven to be effective and improve productivity and safety at production sites. 

There are so many criteria that companies use when selecting vacuum lifting equipment. However, the most important of these criteria is to ensure that it guarantees both the worker's safety and the items used to lift. 

Today, the market is filled with so many vacuum lifters from different manufacturers. These lifters are desired for various purposes, including lifting slabs. An example of a slab lifter is the Probst VPH 150 Vacuum Slab Lifter which we will look at in this article. 

The Probst VPH 150 vacuum slab lifter is an economic tool suitable for lifting slabs and non-porous pavers. The device is also perfect for landscapers who regularly lift and place multiple slabs and pavers during construction. 

It utilizes a vacuum suction force that is produced when the device is pressed against a slab surface. Once this is done, the slab can then be lifted and placed in its desired location. The use of this device is super easy, and it allows for convenience. 

The Probst VPH 150 vacuum slab lifter is a powerful and flexible hand-operated device suitable for lifting and laying slabs and other concrete materials. It is of high quality and durability, which shows that it won't wear or tear easily; instead, it will only guarantee the safety of the item that is being lifted. As mentioned earlier, it is a hand-operated device, and it is suitable for dense objects like high-quality concrete and granite. However, the maximum weight range for this device is 150 kg. Therefore, when lifting items, the weight should not be more than this value. 

Also, the device features a suction force indicator, a manometer alongside a vacuum pump unit, a 12volt battery, a battery charging indicator, and the on and off switch. All these components work together to ensure that the device functions appropriately.

Features of the Probst VPH 150 Vacuum Slap Lifter 

This is a carefully designed vacuum slab lifter with so many inbuilt features which allow it to operate with maximum efficiency. The collaboration of these features is what makes it possible to use the device on dense objects. 

Here are the features of the Probst VPH 150 vacuum slap lifter:

  • One of the most critical features of this slab lifter is the seal. When the seal on a lifter is not made from durable material, it will only wear, and you don't want that to happen. Fortunately, the seal on this device is resistant to tear, so you have nothing to worry about. 

  • The device features a handle that enhances two men operation and an adjustable with that allows for width and height changes. With that, different laying tasks can be accomplished. 

  • The lifter features a manometer and a vacuum pump unit alongside an indicator for the suction force. It is also battery-powered. The device is completed detachable, which makes it possible to mount on different units and other devices.

  • The rechargeable battery is a 12V battery, and it's long-lasting, allowing for up to 24hours of operation without recharging. It is worth mentioning that the device comes included with a battery charger. 

  • It takes less than a minute to exchange the seal, which can be done without any tool or glue. 

  • The device is fitted as a standard, and it includes a load securing chain and a chain compartment. It also consists of a lifting eye that enables operation on a hoist. 

  • The seal has two other seals that are specially optimized. No matter the weight that it is subject to, whether it is a sharp object that sits on it or other extreme conditions, the seal will never experience any deformation, neither will any mark be left on it. 

  • The deadweight of this device is 16.5 kg, and the maximum carrying capacity is 150 kg. The suction plate has a dimension of 440 x 250 mm.VPH-150 Vacuum Power Handy | The Paving Experts| ☎️ 0845 862 1099.


The Probst VPH 150 vacuum slab lifter is a handy tool for slab and paving operations. It is battery-powered, and the power can last or up to 24hours without recharging. That is sufficient time to carry out different slab lifting operations efficiently. Consider this tool if you want to lift and place the slab with high efficiency and increase workplace safety. 



probst vph 150 vacuum slab lifter
Probst VPH 150 Vacuum Slab Lifter Review