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Vaculex Piab: Robust Vacuum Lifting Solution

The material handling industry has experienced so many changes in many ways. Many devices have come and gone, and more will still come and go. However, there is a device that's here to stay, one that will not fade away any time soon, and that's the Vaculex Piab lifters.

We'll look at these devices in detail in this article. Still, the first thing you should know is that the Vaculex lifters are very versatile, and they can be used to lift items to 550 pounds. Another cool thing is that the device has an ergonomic device which makes it suitable as a lifter in any industry. It is a two-hand lifter that can be used in lifting multiple objects all at once. You can also use the device to rotate and tilt loads in a different direction. Thanks to its modular design and lifting capacity, there are so many other ways to apply the lifter.
This device's design includes a vacuum hose, control unit, a pump, a suction foot, and a lift tube.

Distribución oficial de equipos VACULEX – J. ANGEL BACAICOA S.L.

These features work hand in hand to make gripping and lifting super-easy. Also, they can be adapted to suit any lifting need. Are you wondering if the lift tube will allow for use differently? That's not a point of concern because the lift tube is available in up to seven sizes, which is usually between 3.94 to 7.87 in. There are four vacuum pumps and so many suction feet that will let you carry out any combination. The device can either be driven by a pneumatic vacuum pump or by an electric vacuum pump. Therefore, you have different options and can choose what you want.
As long as the weight is not more than 550 pounds, you can use this device to lift anything, including drums, bags, cans, metal sheets, reels, doors, bottles, sacks, boxes, stone slabs, barrels, white goods, windows, crates, computers, TVs, and many more.
Vaculex Piab boasts good ergonomics, which is for good economics. Lifting heavy items no longer has to be costly and dangerous. You can use this device to perform repeated lifts cost-effectively and safely. The vacuum lifter will also increase your productivity and work rate. Imagine using a device to maximize productivity and reduce the risk of an accident. These accidents are detrimental to both the operator and the items that are being lifted.

Distribución oficial de equipos VACULEX – J. ANGEL BACAICOA S.L.

Benefits of Vaculex Piab

• As we have mentioned earlier, the device has a maximum carrying capacity of up to 550 pounds. That means you can lift any item with the device, provided that the item does not weigh more than that.

• The device is safe and easy to use. It is flexible and also user-friendly, which allows it to be able to meet any needs. With this device, you won't have to go through stress to figure the best way to use it.

• The device is one of the most versatile you will ever come across. You can use it to lift multiple objects, and what's more, is that you can do this all at once. You can rotate them in a different direction or tilt them sideways.

• If you are looking for a long-lasting solution that will help you increase productivity, you might want to consider Vaculex piab. It guarantees increased productivity and will reduce work time.

• Are you big on cost, or do you want a means of reducing service cost? You can achieve this with Vaculex piab. It is reliable and also offers lower service costs.

• The device is one of the safest you will find out there, thanks to its ergonomic design. With this device, you can reduce the number of sick leave and repetitive strain injuries. The device will also let you reduce the rate at with you damaged goods during lifting and handling processes.

• The device comes with different accessories, and it is made from stainless steel. Rest assured that you can use it for maximum comfort and for its increased energy efficiency. Vaculex Piab will continue to provide ergonomic vacuum lifting solutions with high-quality since that's what it stands to achieve.La unión de Vaculex y Tawi suman en Piab Ergonomic Handling Division

Do you want to make your working environment safe with ergonomically designed devices? Then you might want to consider Vaculex Piab for your vacuum lifting equipment. Whether the material you wish to handle is made from fabric, plaster, or paper, and irrespective of what is contained in the material, you can use the Vaculex Piab to move it with increased efficiency.
Another super cool thing is that you can use the device to lift more than one object at once. This is unlike most of the other vacuum lifting devices you will find in the market today.

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