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Effectiveness of the Pittsburgh Aluminum Suction Cup Lifter

You probably already know that a suction cup is a device that is used in lifting glass frames, tiles, and other similar materials. The device is ideal for non-porous and flat surfaces because of how firmly they adhere to these surfaces. However, they must be applied correctly for them to be efficient. Suction cups are usually made of rubber, and in some rare cases, plastic may be employed. They utilize the forces of air pressure to stick to the surfaces they are applied to.

In general, there are three different criteria that every suction cup must adhere to if they are to function efficiently. The first thing is that it must have the shape of a cup. This is characterized by the flat spreading sides and the concave center it has. Also, air-tight material must be used to make the suction cups, and these cups must have the ability to adhere well to non-porous and flat surfaces.

Suction cups have been widely employed in different ways and for various reasons. As mentioned earlier, they are made from air-tight soft rubber to prevent air from penetrating when in use. The concave center serves to trap air so that the cup can stick firmly to the surface it is being attached to. To use this device, all you have to do is place the suction cup on a flat surface and press it. This will force trapped air out of the concave area while the device adheres to the surface efficiently.

As soon as the trapped air is released, a vacuum is created within the cup. However, it is essential to note that atmospheric pressure constantly equalizes itself, which means that missing gaps will be refilled naturally with air. In the case of the suction cups, the surface is impenetrable. Therefore the air is forced on the surface of the item to be lifted since it cannot penetrate the cup. The thing will fall off the moment the air finds a way to penetrate the cup.

Suction cup lifters are now widely used for different industrial and commercial lifting operations. They are commonly used in various construction industries to move smooth materials like tiles, glass panes, fixtures, and oversized materials. Most of the suction cups are hand-operated, but they may be mounted on a hoist in some cases.

There are so many suction cups available in the market today. Still, we will only focus on the Pittsburgh aluminum suction cup lifters, which are used in different industries today. Read on to find out more about the device.

The Pittsburgh Aluminum Suction Cup Lifter

This is an automotive device that has found its application in different ways. With this suction cup lifter, you can remove dents and dings on the surface of your vehicle. The device will also make it easier for you to move flat surfaces like window glass, body panels, and sheet metal.

Pittsburgh aluminum suction cup lifter has single-stroke pump action, which increases its convenience. Also, the handle is made of durable aluminum and a housing that is impact resistant. With this device, you can be confident that you will use it for a very long time.

This device has a maximum lifting capacity of up to 110 pounds, and as mentioned earlier, it has a durable housing and aluminum handle. It utilizes a single pump-action, and it has a suction cup diameter of 4.5/8 in.

Are you wondering how to use this device? There are three simple steps to follow if you want to use this device. The first thing to do is to adjust the handle appropriately; then, you place the suction cup on the desired surface. Once this is done, the last thing is to press down the suction cup on the surface by utilizing the suction cup handle. Once you’ve done this, you can proceed to lift or move the desired item.

What makes the device unique

• Easy to Use:

The Pittsburgh aluminum suction cup lifter has a straightforward and simple operation mode, as we have highlighted earlier. Dent repair and removal processes become seamlessly accessible when this device is employed. It is a great DIY tool that will help you save time and labor.

• Ergonomic Design:

The device has an ergonomic device. Its maximum load capacity is 110 pounds; it has an impact-resistant in-house casing, in addition to its durable handle. The suction cup lifter also utilizes a single-stroke pump action for improved efficiency and convenience.

• Wide Application:

This suction cup lifter can be applied in different ways. It can be used as a dent puller. It is also ideal for other lifting and moving operations, especially those involving the movement of flat objects and surfaces. The tool is most frequently used in professional body shops and garages.

• High-quality and Dimension:

The aluminum used in making the device is to increase its quality. One fantastic thing about the device is that no toxic material or chemical is used in making the suction cup lifter.

There is so much other uniqueness about this suction cup lifter. It is important to note that it can be effectively used in moving products like ceramic tiles, glass, big dents, and other heavy-duty materials.


The Pittsburgh aluminum suction cup lifter is a handy tool for minor operations and some significant operations also. It is easy to use, and it has an ergonomic design. You’ll like this device if you are big on durability and quality. What’s more, the device can be used in so many ways and achieve different things.

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