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FCHO Glass Suction Cups for Heavy Lifting

If you are in the business of lifting smooth materials like glass, tiles, and so on, then you may have come across the FCHO glass suction cups. However, if you haven't heard of this device before, we advise you to read on to learn more. 

We have provided all the information you need to know about the FCHO glass suction cups. Lifting smooth surfaces is usually a tricky task because of the increased risk of damaging the material you are lifting, especially if it slips off. 

Glass suckers are also called glass extractors, and they have proven to be effective in handling heavy but slippery materials. The FCHO glass suction cup is an example of a glass sucker that is used to achieve this. It is a manually operated device that can firmly suck on these devices and enhance the lifting process. The device utilizes toughness and deformation to generate a vacuum to suck on the material with atmospheric pressure firmly. With this, you can effectively lift the object with much ease. 

The FCHO glass suction cup is strong and durable, with a high hardness level, thanks to the standard aluminum alloy it is made from. It has a handle with a non-slip design that makes it more comfortable and safe to use. The thick press buckle is also to ensure that it does not slip when in use. The FCHO glass suction cup does not get deformed easily, and that is because it features ABS plastic materials. Another fantastic thing about the device is that it has a beautiful look, thanks to its pain technology. What's more, is that the material the device is made of is resistant to water. A feature that cannot be left out is the suction pad made of rubber to make it robust and adhere firmly to surfaces. 

Here are a few things you will need to know about this device before you use it. The most important thing to ensure is that the suction surface is dry, free from oil, and clean. Also, you will need to press the suction cup to get attached to the surface of the object firmly. The handle can be pressed down so that the device can suck the thing well and enhance movement. You can then proceed to move the handle back to the original position. 

Are you wondering what the FCHO glass suction cup can do? What's certain is that it can be used for moving items like aquarium and glass wall, or any other smooth surface. When it comes to safety, the device offers a top-notch safety guarantee. With this device, you can significantly reduce the stress that comes with lifting different items. You will also reduce the risk of injury when you use this device to lift objects. 

Features of the FCHO Glass Suction Cups

This is a device that has left many users happy. You can find so much positive feedback on the internet about this device, and that is because of all the exciting benefits that it offers. There's so much that you can use the device to achieve, and that's due to the quality of the device. 

Here are some of the key features of this equipment:

High Quality: When it comes to quality, the FCHO glass suction cup is simply the best. It is made from aluminum alloy, which confers strength and durability to the device. That also ensures that the machine stays strong and passes the test of time. Another feature that enhances its durability and power is the suction cups. It is worth mentioning that natural rubber was used in making the suction cups, which is why it's of high quality.

Specification: The suction cup is 7mm thick, which is the ideal thickness it should have. Also, each cup has a diameter of 11.7cm. One important thing you must know if you want to enjoy the device's efficiency is that it has a carrying capacity of 90kg. 

Application: Are you wondering how you can apply this device? The FCHO device can be used on laminated floors or bathroom walls, which helps bridge the gap between the floors. The device also improves safety when used in lifting and moving heavy glass walls.

Storage: How you store the FCHO glass suction cup determines how long the device will last. It will also influence the changes of the device to damage or not. The effective way to store the FCHO suction cup is by keeping it in a clean and dry environment. The primary thing to pay attention to when holding the device is to ensure that it is protected from sunlight and moisture. 

There are so many amazing things about this device, and you can use it to improve efficiency without hassle. 


Simplifying your work process should be a top priority for you if you handle smooth surfaces regularly. With this device, you can be confident that it will give a firm grip on the item you want to lift. That will help to ensure that you can safely lift the object. The non-slip feature it has will also ensure that item does not slip off and get damaged. 

fcho glass suction cups
FCHO Glass Suction Cups for Heavy Lifting