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Application of Elephant Vacuum Lifters

Elephant vacuum lifters are designed to lift materials, particularly those that are super heavy. They operate based on the same principles utilized by different vacuum systems. This includes the generation of vacuum with the aid of pump action. Some pneumatic vacuum lifting systems use pneumatic tilting, enabling them to carry out different tasks with much ease. 

For elephant vacuum lifters, efficacy and precision are the main desired characteristics. Elephant vacuum lifters are mainly designed for use in the artisan and industrial sections. They offer help to different companies, especially in handling materials and in the production phase. These devices have proven to be effective in handling super heavy items. 

Suppose you are looking for an autonomous system with the inherent ability to lift just any type of item. In that case, you might want to consider the elephant vacuum lifters. The system utilizes electric pumps. This is powered by different batteries, all of which are located on the vacuum lifter. The vacuum lifters are suitable for the effective and safe movement of other materials. 

The elephant vacuum lifters are peculiarly known for delivering units that function maximally and with high-quality standards. There are so many types of elephant vacuum systems in the market. Still, you need to be aware of their applications and their usefulness. 

This article focuses on providing you with all the information you need to know about Elephant vacuum lifters. 

The key application of the units

Do you want to know more about this device? Here are the significant ways in which they have proven to be valid:

• Marble Lifting: The elephant vacuum lifter has been widely used in many industries to lift marble and other similar materials. You can use the device to move cut stones, irrespective of the type of surface it has. However, you must know that this vacuum lifter can have up to four plates, but it depends on the type and size of the material that is to be moved. Also, the carrying capacity of the devices is up to 200 kg. 

• Glass Vacuum Lifter: Elephant vacuum lifters are also designed to cater to moving or lifting glass. They usually come in between 2 to 6 places and a carrying capacity of up to 1200kg. Interestingly, the vacuum lifters available for lifting glass are available for both internal uses in workshops and external use in continuous facades. Also, these vacuum lifters can be configured such that they can meet different needs. 

• Metal Sheet Vacuum Lifter: Metal sheets are also often lifted in different construction sites. With elephant vacuum lifters, you can quickly achieve this. The vacuum lifter allows for an efficient and firm grip. They are usually designed with up to 8 plates which can be adjusted horizontally or longitudinally. This device's carrying capacity is up to 1500 kg, and they feature vacuum pumps powered by either compressed air or electricity. 

• Wood Vacuum Lifter: The wood sector also requires vacuum lifters for increased efficiency and reduced work hazards on employees. Elephant vacuum lifters are designed to handle these needs. They can provide the grip necessary for movement and for lifting the laminated panel. The vacuum lifters usually have between one and two plates. This would depend on the dimension and size of the material to be moved. 

• Panels Vacuum Lifters: The elephant vacuum lifters are super versatile and can efficiently lift and handle panels. Whether it's a glass panel, a metallic panel sandwich panel, or an insulated board, you can rest assured that the vacuum lifters will do a great job at lifting and maneuvering these panels. 

Whichever material you want to lift or handle, you can be confident that the elephant vacuum lifter will make the job a lot easier for you. What's certain is that the item being moved will be protected from any accident or unwanted damage. 

Vacuum lifters have been employed in different industries. They have significantly helped these industries be more productive and carry out their daily duties with much efficiency. The number of work accidents and other hazards has dramatically reduced, thanks to the reliability of the vacuum lifters. 

The main factor that you should consider when trying to get an elephant vacuum lifter is the type of material you want to lift. Even though the devices are designed to be versatile and practical for different objects, you need to ensure that they are used on the ideal material they are specified for. That's the best way to ensure that they function with 100% efficiency. 

Another advantage of these vacuum lifters is that they reduce the number of workers at construction sites. Interestingly, the work process is made faster even with the reduction of workforce. This shows that the machine can be used to save money that would typically be spent on labor. 

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Application of Elephant Vacuum Lifters