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The Vacuum Tile Lifter

As the name implies, the vacuum tile lifter is a handy technological tool primarily used for lifting tiles. But what exactly is it the use? Since tiles come in different shapes and sizes, not all tiles can only be carried using hand gloves. This is where the vacuum tile lifter comes recommended. It saves the user unnecessary stress by moving heavy-weight tiles. 

The effectiveness of the vacuum tile lifter has been tested during a trial by our most experienced workers in the field of tiles. This was done by lifting heavy tiles that weighed up 12Okg which is the maximum weight. This was also done in the bid to assure our customers about the effectiveness of the vacuum tile lifter and to assure our customers about its safety. 

By the end of this article, you will discover how beneficial the vacuum tile lifter is and why you must have one from a known manufacturer. 

The Usage of Vacuum Tile Lifter

The vacuum tile lifter is a simple industrial tool to use. To use it, you must attach or place the vacuum pad in the middle or at the center of the tile. The vacuum tile lifter will automatically, by itself, suck up the tile in question by holding it firm and tight (grip). But ensure that the vacuum tile lifter has a good grip on the tile; the user must be sure about the tile's surface, which we will discuss later in this article.

Benefits of the Vacuum Tile Lifter

The vacuum tile lifter has a lot of benefits. The benefits are as follows.


The vacuum tile is so handy that it doesn't require its users to be adept at mechanical tools. It can't be operated so easily. 

Reduces damages of tiles

When properly used, the vacuum tile lifter drastically reduces the percentage of damaged tiles during construction. 


The vacuum tile lifter saves users a whole lot of time because of its practicability by covering works in a short amount of time. 

Increase in Productivity

By reducing the stress and fatigue users experience in carrying tiles with their hands, the vacuum tile lifter directly affects their productivity by allowing them to gain and cover more ground than usual. 


Things you must consider before buying a vacuum tile lifter

Before purchasing a vacuum tile lifter, there are things the user must consider. You can't go to any shop and buy any vacuum tiler lifter you first see. The following are the things you must consider. 

Surface texture

The tile's surface texture should be known for the vacuum tile lifter to grip a tile properly. Knowing the tile surface texture, whether coarse, fine, soft, or medium, will significantly help the user do a great job. 


The temperature of the vacuum tile lifter compared to that of the tile in question should be paid close attention to. Unnecessary temperature exertion on the tile could affect or break the tile in question. 

Oily and non-oily 

The surface texture of a tile should be absent of any form of lubricants. The vacuum tile lifter will fail or not properly suck the tile into the pad for a good grip if the tile is oily. 

Weight and Size

Different types of tiles vary in weight and size. There are also other kinds of vacuum tile lifters. Before buying any vacuum tile lifter, the size and weight of the tile should be considered. A vacuum tile lifter whose capacity is low compared to its weight will fail to lift the tile. 

Types of Tiles 

There are different types of tiles. Depending on the user's choice, the vacuum tile lifter can be used to lift these different types of tiles. The types of tiles are as follows;

  • Ceramic

  • Porcelain

  • Glass

  • Cement

  • Marble

  • Mosaic

  • Granite

  • Limestone

  • Travertine 

  • Quarry

  • Metal

  • Resin 

Types of Vacuum Tile Lifter

The vacuum tile lifter is not generally divided but can be on the level of how it operates. We have the manual and the automatic vacuum tile lifter. 

The Manual Vacuum Tile Lifter

The manual vacuum tile lifter is a type of vacuum tile lifter operated manually by the user. It is designed to be performed using the hands and to lift heavy but small tiles. 

The automatic Vacuum Tile Lifter

The automatic vacuum tile lifter is the type of vacuum tile lifter operated remotely by a user. It is designed to carry heavy and physically oversized tiles. 

Industries that make use of the vacuum tile lifter

The vacuum tile lifter, because of its practicability, is used in an array of industries. 

Stone industry

Woodworking and carpenters 

Tile and floor



This article should be more than enough to persuade you to get yourself a quality vacuum tile lifter. We provide a minimum of a year warranty. Our skilled engineers and experts have assiduously worked by testing various vacuum tile lifters' safety to assure you of it. There are rare industries that do not use the vacuum tile lifter. Industries like stone, woodworking and carpenters, tile and floors, and warehouse workers all use the vacuum tile lifter. 

vacuum tile lifter
The Vacuum Tile Lifter