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Things You Need To Know About Suction Cup Tile Lifters

It's usually strenuous to move tiles by hand. Due to the development and the ever-increasing presence of large ceramics, it is increasingly becoming necessary to use suction cup tile lifters. A suction cup tile lifter is a lifter used for commercial and industrial tile lifting operations in the housing industry. These lifters are specially designed to move large, smooth floor tiles, kitchen tile, cabinet tiles, floor panels, glass, or even ceramic in the right place. They're commonly hand-operated, although they can be operated using a hoist.

Suction cup tile lifters use the same technique as a suction cup, maintaining a vacuum between the surface to be lifted and a versatile material like rubber. The vacuum is made by pushing a lever or handle on the suction cup. The suction pads are made with rubber, and some have as much as colossal lifting capacity, which makes them durable. The suction cups are usually subjected to regular quality tests to guarantee proper resistance when in use.

Their load carrying capacity depends on their type, size, and the number of suction cups, and the lifting mechanism. Typical safe working loads for hand-operated suction cup tile lifters range from fifteen kilograms to seventy kilograms per lifter, with lifters formed from one to four suction cups. Hoist used lifters can have from one to fifty or more suction cups and may lift well in more than a thousand kilograms. Lower atmospheric pressures can make it harder for the suction cup to stay surface. Suction cup tile lifters come in a different range of suction cups for different sizes of tiles. They are for providing personalized solutions for each need of use.

Suction cup tile lifters are furnished with autonomous controls, integrated batteries, and safety systems. These make work quick and safe while handling heavy permeate handling heavy tiles and combining with any lifting machine.

The suction cup tiles lifters make it possible to lift and move tiles from one location or the other. They are used on construction site tiles in various industrial sectors.

Types of suction cup lifters for glass

The suction cup tile lifter differs by capacity and dimensions and as well by type of power grid. They also are manual or pneumatic movements. The following are the types of suction cup tiles lifters are:

  • Compressed air suction cup tile lifter

  • Electrically powered suction cup tile lifter

  • Curved suction cup tile lifter

  • Autonomous suction cup autonomous tile lifter (with vertical fixed handling).

  • Duly note that all suction cup tiles lifters are made in strict compliance with the required standard in terms of safety for removable load handling equipment for lifting devices.

  • Suction cup tile lifter shapes

  • Suction cups tile lifters come in various shapes that match their use and the type of tiles to be lifted.

  • Suction cup tile lifter installation

  • The suction cup tile lifters have a hook and are built with autonomous controls; they can be installed on truck cranes, mobile cranes, mini-cranes, or hook-lifting systems.

Use of suction cup tile lifter

  • You can use a suction cup tile lifter to lay large tiles or natural stone slabs quickly and in a way that's gentle on the rear using this new vacuum hand laying device.

  • The new vacuum hand laying device for tilers and landscape contractors allows easy and quick lifting, shifting, laying tiles, natural stones, and slabs.

  • The aluminum suction plate features a deadweight of but one kilogram. It may be connected to simple industrial vacuum cleaners employing a feed hose and combining cone. With the 5m, length suction hose supplied, the vacuum can remain in one place, and there's no got to move it.

To use the suction cup tile lifter as a tile-laying device on the development site, place the Suction cup Tile Lifter on the tile or slab. With the vacuum, it automatically sucks in a matter of seconds. The tile is often lifted from the stack immediately and delivered to the desired location. With a slight finger movement, a vacuum valve is opened to deposit the tile. Reclose it to select up the slab again.

Advantages of a suction cup tile lifter

  • Laying of huge tiles gently and quickly while that's gentle on the rear

  • Considerably easier laying, as there's no got to grip on the side, especially for the last slab.

  • Wall tiles are much easier to get with one hand.

  • Easy removal and insertion of the tile, e.g., to correct adhesive application

  • Less risk of edge damage, as laying is more precise and with a far better view.

  • Virtually every suction cup tile lifter has industrial vacuum cleaners on location for easy cleaning of suction cups.

  • It increases efficiency and accuracy.


There are many advantages of a suction cup tile lifter. Whenever you need to hire and purchase one, make you get the best your money can buy. Some suction cup tile lifter is more expensive than others; you go for should ultimately depend on your need and budget.


suction cup tile lifter
Things You Need To Know About Suction Cup Tile Lifters