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The Super Working Schmalz Jumbo to Lift Your Heavy Loads - Just For You


Schmalz jumbo is a lifting system with different components that meet several individual's requirements. It has a feature that makes sure there is no accidental occurrence while lifting heavy objects. Either you are moving glass, drywall, ceramics, or woods, Schmalz jumbo will help get your work done within a short time. You can be sure your heavy load will remain intact even while there is an electric power shortage. Asides from lifting heavy loads and moving them from one place to another, it is used to raise materials from the ground and place them on a higher surface. 

The Schmalz jumbo is huge than most regular suction cups. It applies to a larger surface area. It enables you to lift a wide surfaced area that a middle-sized suction cup cannot raise. The floor and tiles industry, carpenters, movers, and many other sectors need the Schmalz jumbo for practical usage. Also, it enhances smooth arrangement and causes no transmit delay. During loading and shipping, Schmalz jumbo provides an ergonomic purpose. Sciences have employed its usage in medical, production, and industrial purposes. There are several reasons why the Schmalz jumbo is the perfect tool for lifting your heavy loads. These reasons and other vital information will you find out in this article.

What are Suction Cups?

You may wonder what suction cups are or if they are different from the Schmalz jumbo. Suction cups are used for grabbing objects and placing them in a different position. Are Schmalz jumbo different from suction cups? They belong to the suction cup category since they perform similar functions. However, Schmalz jumbo is a different model or type. It has compartments and structures. As mentioned earlier, Schmalz jumbo offers additional benefits by working for both small and extra-large loads.

Description of Schmalz Jumbo

Schmalz jumbo has a control element that allows it to handle both lightweight and heavy objects. It also has a working unit that ensures the right direction of rotation. Hence it prevents slip off during usage. Also, it has a rotary handlebar which enables it to perform an ergonomic function. You can pick up heavy loads from a large height and drop them at a near distance. Schmalz Jumbo operating unit, vacuum generator, lifting unit, and vacuum grippers can be customized based on individual requirements. Sometimes, the device size depends on the size of the object. Hence, customers sought detailed Schmalz jumbo specifications. 

Which are the functions?

Schmalz jumbo grips and lifts an object using a vacuum. It has suction pads and a non-reversible valve that contributes to the tightness of the load. Hence, it is impossible to loosen its grip while moving it to another position. What better way to save your workers from injury. As users lift a weight, the lifting unit of Schmalz jumbo contracts, while it expands when selecting another load from the ground. It comprises accessories that respond at a fast pace during work. Also, the handles vary depending on its application. We recommend you speak to your supplier if you have no idea of the ideal product for you. You can contact us today! Our customer service team is available 24/7.

Applying the Schmalz Jumbo

  • You can lift a weight of more than 170kg

  • It works for smooth, dusty, rough, and even porous surfaces.

  • Logistic companies use the Schmalz jumbo in transmitting and uploading loads in their carriage.

Benefits of Schmalz Jumbo

  • As a user, what benefit or advantage can you derive from the Schmalz jumbo?

  • It increases your work productivity since it reduces loading and adjustment times. Schmalz jumbo has automated features that save you time from repacking or operating machines.

  • It has a protective rubber cover that ensures high security and causes no damage to its user.

  • Reduces employees' injury risk and eradicates downtime. Hence, it helps in improving customers' satisfaction. A fast delivery leads to increased audience and sales. 

  • It ensures no slippery or falling while moving loads around.

  • In every workplace, technology encourages employees' input, especially a time-saving and stress-free machine. In the same way, Schmalz's jumbo boosts employees' motivation.

  • A lifting machine allows supervisors to allocate only one employer to specific tasks. For instance, two employees trying to lift a glass shorten productivity than one employee raising the heavy glass with an innovative machine.

  • Schmalz jumbo can lift almost every object. However, you cannot use it for body weight. Asides from its risk, you are likely to reduce the durability of the product.


We have various models which we customized to suit customer satisfaction. When you attach the lifter to its object, it glues on the surface without needing you to exert too much pressure. The large Schmalz machine is equipped with a lifting unit and operating unit. The operating section applies to several load weights. Hence, when you go through our product manual, we include a detailed method of application. Ensure to read and understand its usage. To purchase a lifting machine for your carriage, contact us today. Our team of professional engineers has the correct solution to your needs.

schmalz jumbo
The Super Working Schmalz Jumbo to Lift Your Heavy Loads - Just For You