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The manual suction cup lifter is available for moving loads from one position to another. What is different about it? It is flexible and works well for personal use. Contrary to the regular industrial lifter, the manual suction cup lifter is the perfect tool for your shower rooms or kitchen walls. More so, you can use it to lift and place objects on the wall or to a higher position. 

In industries, workers enjoy working with a highly equipped device, especially when it is time-saving and productive. The manual suction cup lifter is a good strategy in boosting your worker's motivation. Also, it is simple to understand and operate. Nevertheless, the product package includes an easy-to-read manual. We are passionate about technology development and work collaboratively with one another to produce great results. Initially, we designed the GRABO lifer for military operations and governments until less complex models for commercial purposes. Industries such as movers, carpentry, woods, floor, and tiles, have discovered the manual suction cup lifter's usefulness. 

Either you deliberately searched for an answer to finding the best quality manual suction cup lifter or accidentally came across this on the internet; this article provides adequate knowledge. Read further to find out more about the manual suction cup lifter.

How to Use the Manual Suction Cup Lifter

Using the manual suction cup lifter is simple and requires no complex or extra effort. What do you do? Place the machine on a ceramic, wood, or glass surface and press the suction. Allow it to wait for few seconds, then press the suction again to switch off its sound. The machine would have successfully glued to the material surface. Lift the material and place it in your preferred position. 

Quality Testing

Before launching the GRABO products, they were subjected to several tests to ensure maximum productivity. The connector lifespan test and box shake test help to confirm the durability of the materials. Many users had a setback in using a suction cup lifter for rough or porous materials. However, GRABO includes a solution that makes the machine attachable to non smooth surfaces. We carried out a dust test to affirm its flexibility. After pouring some sawdust on a tile, we switched on the device and placed it on the dirt surface. Amazingly, the manual suction cup lifter moved the material without dropping it off. Many people had watched the live operation of manual suction cup lifter and gave great reviews. It is an innovation that has also come to provide better benefits than the previous. Industries like carpentry that release a lot of dirt while working do not need to bother cleaning up the material surface before usage. The GRABO suction lifter provides all means to ensure no restriction in use and saves time as possible.

As long as the manual machine remained intact when subjected to these tests, it proved its adaptability under various customer care. Serving a commercial purpose, a manual suction cup lifter adjusts to several needs, provided the model is compatible with the material.

Selection Criteria for Your Manual Suction Cup Lifter

When selecting the correct manual suction cup lifter, there are criteria you should bear in mind.


Consider the safety of your employees and yourself. Hence, ensure the suction cup lifter fits perfectly to the surface of your material. An extra-wide and heavy material may not be suitable for a middle-sized suction cup lifter. However, we have the jumbo size that is more suitable for this purpose.


The surface of the material you are applying the lifter should match with the suction cup surface. In most cases, an oval or rounded suction cup works better with round material, while a straight suction surface sticks better to straightened material. Although this is applicable for most suction cups, the GRABO models apply to almost every surface shape. It has suction at both edges, which allows it to glue to any surface shape easily.


You may come across different suction cup lifter materials when looking for a quality developer. Some materials are CR, silicone, PUR, and NBR. However, your preference should be based on its application. You can reach out to your supplier for a recommended suction cup material. Some materials are suitable for glass, ceramics, tiles, while others work better with fragile objects.


You can get a quality manual suction cup lifter with the correct information. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you figured why you need a suction cup lifter. The necessity to produce effectively and engage in a smooth work environment cannot be overemphasized. Robots were built to ease work labor and save time. Meanwhile, the manual suction cup lifter is a new technology that offers ease of work at a lesser price.

GRABO has been in the industry for many years and knows the correct quality every customer needs. We are a leading technology developer in Hong Kong. Our professional engineers started by providing pieces of equipment for governments until they needed to produce for commercial purposes. If you still struggle with lifting heavy objects, contact us today.

woods power grip g0695
Join the Leading Team with Fast Working Woods Power Grip g0695