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Available Quality Paver Vacuum Lifter in GRABO

Grabo is a company with long success stories and with a good reputation over the years. Grabo has been in operation for years and always striving to improve the quality of our services daily. It is not doubted that Grabo offers the best quality paver vacuum lifter you need for your construction projects. 

What you're looking for and what we have for you!

Are you looking to purchase the quality, reliable and durable paver vacuum lifter for your construction work? Are you ready to be free from unnecessary fatigue and bending during pave construction? If your answer is YES, then this article is for you. 

A vacuum lifter is a machine used in lifting heavyweight materials in several fields. This lifting machine utilizes a suction system to hold heavyweight material such as pavers, concrete, or slabs. Paver vacuum lifters are primarily used in road construction for lifting heavy pavers. In road construction, there are many dangerous hazards to which engineers are exposed; one. One of them is paver falling; This is why Grabo has determined to mitigate this danger by providing you machines that can help lift pavers during road or pave construction. 

At Grabo, we are focus on making life easier for both engineers and other heavy lifters. We understand that carrying or lifting pavers or slabs isn't easy, which is why we're constantly working on using technology to reduce any form of stress or hard labor that may lead to strain on the human body. Our paver vacuum lifter is designed friendly; it allows you to lift heavy pavers with less effort easily. The mode of operation is relatively easy to learn in a short time; you're already an expert user of the machine. 

We have put to the test the practicability of the vacuum paver lifter for our customers' safety before launching it so that our customers won't experience machine failure while operating it. We used the paver vacuum lifter to carry heavy objects during the trial and assure customers of its safety and effectiveness. Each design has its specific capacities and features, but they can all move almost every heavy object.

Why you need to get a paver vacuum lifter 

Except that the paver vacuum lifter is used to lift or carry heavy slabs or other objects, it also has numerous other benefits, which are the many important reasons you should consider buying a paver vacuum lifter.

The following are the benefits of the paver vacuum lifter you should know. 


The paver vacuum lifter, by being easy to handle, dramatically increases the user's productivity. Works that might have taken an ample amount of time before can now be done in a shorter time, thereby increasing productivity. 

Reduces Damaging Materials

The paver vacuum lifter's ability to stick to the surface of an object to carry it reduces damages to the object when properly used. Of course, you know some pavers might fall and break into pieces when the laborers are trying to move them.

Reduces Expenses 

Due to some pavers or slabs' weight, it might require three to four workers to move or carry one paver at different edges. Still, when you used a vacuum paver to lift, the number will be reduced to two or one person. Therefore, the cost of production will be reduced.

Other benefits of using Paver Vacuum Lifter

Health and Safety 

They are healthy means having complete well-being, often physical, although sometimes mental health is more important. We love our customers, and we care about their well-being. A construction company that cares about its workers' safety and well-being should consider getting a vacuum lifter, especially if the company is involved in lifting heavyweight objects or material, e.g., pavers or slabs for construction. These construction materials are bulky and not easy to lift; their weight could cause several damages and even lead to strain in humans' bodies. The paver vacuum lifter reduces the environmental hazards workers might experience.

Quality work delivery 

The use of the machine tool has proven to be more efficient than human ability. Although, a law in physics says "a machine can't be hundred percent efficient". Still, it gives better output than human ability. Using a paver vacuum lifter will surely improve your work quality and increase your daily work output. It will save you time and give a well-arranged paver or slab set.

Stress Relieve 

Working with this machine is exceptionally very easy; it reduces the effort used in lifting pavers. It also makes work done faster.


In conclusion, Grabo has the best paver vacuum lifter you need to lift all of your heavyweight objects. We have been receiving credits from our past and present customers. They all have testified on how these products have helped them lift pavers and other heavy objects, and there has been a remarkable decrease in casualties that they usually experience before.

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