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A Dual Suction Cup Lifter is All You Need, to Stop Hurting Your Hands

If you are tired of lifting heavy objects with your hand, try using the dual suction cup lifter. You can lift your tiles, glass, wooden objects, drywall, and many other heavy objects conveniently with this. The dual suction cup lifter has two devices at the edges that enable users to lift two materials together, thus increasing the work performance rate. Also, it comprises soft rubber material that sticks to rough and smooth surfaces easily. Want to learn more about the amazingly dual suction cup lifter? Read this article further as you discover exciting solutions.

What is a Dual Suction Cup Lifter? 

Suction cup lifters are plastic devices that almost everyone uses to lift objects, either in the shower room or work environment. They are effective by attaching them to the center of a heavy object. The dual suction cup lifter is one of the latest innovative carriers. It supports up to 80kgs load without breakage or crashing.


However, many people argued that the dual suction cup replaced the single suction cup. In contrast, others agreed it only served a double purpose. Its critical purpose and difference is the ability to lift two objects at the same time. Everyone sought to have such devices around, which contribute to their availability in many companies and workspace. 

How to Stick Dual Suction Cup Lifters On Objects 

Surface Although dual suction cup lifters are simple and easy to use, it is often complex to new users. Before moving on, it is our pleasure to inform you that our suction cup lifters have well-detailed manuals that guide new users. 

Hence, you are less bothered about doing it the wrong way. Here are tips on how to stick your dual suction cup lifter perfectly; Make sure you clean your object surface Before placing the double suction cups on your heavy objects, confirm if the surface is free of dirt, water, or oily substance. Your suction cup will stick better to a smooth, clean, and nonporous surface. Nevertheless, our double suction cup lifter is a champion among others. We have models that work effectively with rough, dry, and porous surfaces. Yes, it is exceptional!

Your suction cup 

Generally, suction cups vary in size and shape, which influences their capacity. For a flat surface like glass, or woods, you can use a flat suction cup. The oval or round double suction cups are suitable for curved objects like your vehicle windscreen. Knowing how to use suction cups, you can hang your decorations on your shower walls or during Halloween without stress. 

Also, you can lift your windscreen, fix for windows or doors with the dual suction cup lifter. 

Special Features of Dual Suction Cup Lifter 

As technology keeps evolving; we work towards improving our suction cup features and providing added benefits. There are various suction cup models available. 

The GRABO PRO model has unique features: Digital display A proper way to keep track of the load weight you are lifting. Amazing right? The digital display also shows the time of movement. Also, it measures the weight capacity in kilograms and pounds. Slimmer handle The pro function has a slimmer handle, which reduces the dual suction cup lifter's weight. By so doing, you can carry the suction about without worrying about extra weight. Automatic function It is wow! It is an answer to many people's needs.

What does it do? 

The handle has a button that allows the suction cup to fix itself on the heavy object. By so doing, you would not need to exert much pressure manually. As soon as it attaches itself to the material surface, it goes off and starts over again. Updated release The initial GRABO model had a release button that pushes the suction cup off the material. The updated release button is much easier to use and works perfectly for any material. It can either work on ceramics, tiles, glass, or wooden objects. Is there any material the GRABO PRO cannot lift? Yes, there is. Just like many other suction cups, it does not work well with wet surfaces. 

What is New? 

We package all our dual suction cup lifters with 20 kits. These kits are present in any model. Each kit has its function and advantage. They are; Extra battery The mechanical suction devices work with a built-in battery. Research shows customers are displeased with sudden suction failure due to a worn-out battery. Hence, an extra battery provides the right solution in such circumstances. Canvas carry bag The bag comprises hard material with long durability. 

With this, you can carry your suction cups around freely. Multi socket charger It enables you to charge your device from multiple sources. With this, your suction cups will last longer before running out of power. 

In conclusion, Our team of experienced engineers works together to develop suction cups concerning current needs. The first model was waterproof, which gave us a professional benchmark. Our high standard kept evolving till the current year. You would come across different models online. However, check our 2021 models with increased durability and capacity level.


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