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Wow Yourself with the Glass Carrying Suction Cups of Great Benefits

In recent years, every warehouse keeper needs glass-carrying suction cups, especially in glass-related industries. Industries such as cosmetics, windscreen, carpentry, tile, and flooring, require regular glass movement from one place to another. Meanwhile, the glass industry is one of the most dangerous places that expose workers to injury. For instance, warehouse staff is endangered by accidental cuts on the body. Before purchasing a glass-carrying suction cup, consider the model of the device. For large-scale businesses, you would need models of various lifting capacities to accommodate diverse work performance at the same time. 

Meanwhile, a small-sized company with limited glass objects would be less bothered about multiple suction cups. There are several things a reader should know about glass-carrying suction cups. However, this article covers the vital information you need for proper usage. As you read further, you will discover the necessary aspects. 

What is a Suction Cup?

As a layman, you may come across this guide and wonder what is a suction cup or why you need to own one? Generally, suction cups are tools that grab and lift material to another position. In most cases, a vacuum suction cup works in lifting heavy objects. We have various models that allow you to move several heavy materials like Glass, texture plates, metal, ribbed Glass, checker plate, concrete, and concrete tiles. 

Our products comprise soft rubber and air-tight materials, which allows its concave center to stick closely to a smooth surface. As the name implies, glass-carrying suction cups lift glasses from a position to another. 

Who needs the Glass carrying suction cups? 

Everyone who uses or has glasses around needs a suction cup. It is sometimes frustrating when you are extra cautious in lifting sharp glasses from the edges. Meanwhile, you can save the stress by simply placing a suction cup in the middle of the glass material. 

Moreover, some industries need Glass carrying suction cups in their daily activities. These industries are; tile and floor, warehouse workers, movers, windows and doors, carpenters, and woodworking. Types of Suction Cups

Suction cups vary in size and shape. We have flat, round, and oval suction cup shapes. The flat suction cups are more suitable for flat or slightly curved surfaces such as plastics, wooden surfaces, and glasses. Flat suction cups stick to their surface within few minutes and adhere quickly. Curved or oval suction cups are more effective for wrapped or shrunk products, round car parts, or pipes and tubes.

How Does Glass Carrying Suction Cups Work?

It is no cliche that a suction cup can lift your heavy glass material. It is scientifically designed to fit perfectly for industrial, mechanical, and medical purposes. After you successfully remove the air trapped under your suction cup by holding it tightly, it will form a vacuum. In this process, the atmospheric pressure within and outside the cup forces to be on the same level. 

Hence, make sure you exert extra pressure on the suction cup. By so doing, you will achieve a lower pressure on the inside.


Tips to Use Glass Carrying Suction Cups 

Sometimes, users find it difficult to fix a suction cup on a glass material's surface. You need not bother anymore. Here is how to go about it: You will achieve a great result if your object surface is non-porous, smooth, and dirt-free. Firstly, ensure the surface is free of dirt, water, or oil. 

To confirm no soap sticks on your object surface after cleaning, you can use alcohol to clean up. Make sure you wipe it off thoroughly. Wash the suction cup with warm water, and ensure there is no extra water left behind. 

After cleaning the suction cup and glass surface, place the cup at the material center. Place the cup firmly on the surface to ensure there is no air in between them. That is, the atmospheric pressure below the suction cup must be lower than the outward atmospheric pressure. When using our Glass carrying suction cups, you do not need a hook before performing your task. The absence of a hook fasten your activities and causes no transmit delay among workers. 

Why Glass Carrying Suction Cups? 

It is no doubt there are several alternatives you can use in place of a suction cup. You can carry your object manually, using a freehand method, long log, stretched rubbed, and other materials. However, these materials' functions are not worth the stress. 

What do I do? 

Employ simple, inexpensive, light, and compact suction cups in lifting your heavy objects. Asides from their relativity and flexibility, suction cups require cheap cost or maintenance. Also, you can use them in home appliances and the workspace. The flooring and landscaping industries are known to yield many products using suction cups. Glass-carrying suction cups are easy to use, with no technical complications. 

Our suction cups come with a well-detailed manual, which provides a guide for its users. Hence, if you are new to the suction cup and its usage, our package has you covered.

Final point

The glass-carrying cups provide a wide range of options for users. The available models are; Nemo GRABO, GRABO PRO, future GRABO models, GRABO H, and Erguo S1. Each version has an extra battery, a GRABO canvas bag for easy movement, and a rubber foam replacement. Also, we guaranty a warranty level for each of our products. Contact us today.


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