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Increase Productivity and Efficiency with Vacuum Bag Lifters

One of the major things that cause so much financial strain and burden for most industries is bag and sack lifting. The strain is also physically extended to employees because they are involved in moving these materials from one place to another. In industries today, every device used should be designed ergonomically to guarantee the safety of both the employees and the materials it is handling. 

Vacuum lifting technology has significantly been adopted by many industries today, and they are now widely used in handling and moving different materials, including bags and sacks. The equipment is designed to reduce stress and also eliminate the risk of injury. It should also increase productivity to a significant level. These vacuum lifters are very important, and they are recommended for industries that are yet to adopt them.

Interestingly, there are many vacuum lifting equipment in the market today, and they are all designed to accomplish different purposes. What's certain is that you would find an ideal vacuum lifter to suit your needs. Among all the available options, some are specifically designed to handle bag lifting effectively. 

Bag lifting is a significant area of concern for most industrial activities. There's no need to hire so many employees to do a job that can be done by a machine. The facts are that a machine will always do a better job. You wouldn't want your company to be known for exposing its workers to dangerous environmental conditions that can cause injury and other hazards. 

Vacuum bag lifters are now available to simplify work processes involving lifting bags from one place to another without causing harm to the product or the person concerned. What's fantastic about these devices is that they are suitable for handling bags and sacks of different sizes. You can use them to perform various operations, and you can do this with increased efficiency.

There are different types of bags and sacks available, and when picking a sack lifter, you will need to ensure that what you select is suitable for the operation you want to perform. Here's an overview of some of the available bags and what you need to know:

Plastic Sacks

You need to ensure that the vacuum lifter can lift the sack with minimal effort. To do this, you need to be aware that plastic sacks have different dimensions and types of surfaces. This can affect the device's grip and influence handling efficiency, so you need to ensure that you use a suitable vacuum lifter when handling sacks. 

Here are some considerations to make:

Safety, security, and speed: There's a high risk of injury associated with handling plastic sacks, which is why it essential to ensure increased productivity and safety. When getting a vacuum lifter for a plastic sack, you need to make sure that it can handle bags and plastic sacks in an efficient, cost-effective, and safe manner.

Flexibility: The flexibility of the vacuum lifter is a vital thing to consider when selecting a vacuum lifter for plastic. You need to ensure that the lifter can be customized to suit your needs and make sure that it is ideal for your budget. 

Paper Sacks

You might think manually handling paper sacks is not a bad idea, but this will only cause financial strain on your company. It will also cause physical stress to your employees. Therefore, you need to adopt a vacuum lifter that can handle paper sacks to ease this burden. The vacuum lifter must reduce the occurrence of workplace injuries and also increase productivity. 

As with plastic sacks, whichever vacuum lifter you opt for should operate with high safety, security, and speed. Also, the device should be customizable to suit different needs

Jute Sacks

This type of sack is prevalent in some industries, especially tea manufacturing industries. These sacks are widely known for their recyclability and appearance. The conventional lifting methods cannot be used for this type of bag for different reasons. Therefore, you need a more suitable lifting method to use, and that's a suitable vacuum lifter. 

Many bags are designed to safely and efficiently handle burlap and jute sacks. These vacuum lifters are designed with hooks that can enable the smooth lifting of the sacks. They are also ergonomically designed with a handle for easy lifting and increased accuracy. Vacuum lifters for jute sacks make the lifting process less stressful because they offer more power. 

When jute sacks are heavy, they become tough to handle, and you may need to hire many employees to make the process a lot easier. However, you can bypass this by getting a suitable vacuum lifter to do the job. What's certain is that you can easily, safely, and efficiently lift jute sacks with a vacuum lifter in a cost-effective manner


There are so many types of bags and sacks that are used by industries daily. We have only highlighted the most commonly used bags in this article. When selecting a vacuum bag lifter, you need to be sure that it can lift the type of bag you have. You will also need to ensure that the bag lifter can be customized to suit your needs. 

Remember that the ultimate goal you are trying to achieve is to increase productivity and safety and reduce the chances of workplace injury. Also, you want to carry out the lifting process in a cost-effective manner, and you can only achieve this with a vacuum bag lifter. 

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Increase Productivity and Efficiency with Vacuum Bag Lifters