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Unique benefits of the Nemo GRABO

Over the years, the dangers and gravity of wrong lifting have been extensively highlighted, with cases of injuries and accidents showing the need to place particular emphasis on that aspect. Surely, activities such as lifting, carrying, and other related maneuvers are activities that take place on a day-to-day basis across a range of industries such as Carpenters and Woodworking, Warehouse workers, Windows and doors, Tile and floor, movers involving different types of materials including stone, marble, wood, glass, brick and it is essential that lifting is done not just in the appropriate way but also with the right set of tools to help ensure safety and optimum production levels.

Back lifting, musculoskeletal disorder, mental health issues are some health and safety hazards that occur due to wrong lifting over some time, and let’s face it. No one leaves home to go to work or gets involved in activities to get himself or herself injured or killed in the process. Health and safety is most important in carrying out lifting activities at work and at home.

We at GRABO understand the necessities involved in proper lifting, and that’s why we developed the Nemo Power tools that combine quality and innovative technology with safety utmost at the top of our minds in production.

The Nemo GRABO tool can be used to lift multiple items such as glass, ceramic tiles, metal, plastic, wood, rough slate, rough concrete, drywall, porous materials, and uneven surfaces that do not have a flat surface (surfaces with a 4mm discrepancy) without electronic pressure gauge and automatic stop function. With a mechanical pressure gauge with a protective rubber cover to avoid water getting inside the green off/on a button, 16W rated battery can run non-stop for 1.5 hours when fully charged. The Nemo GRABO tool is changing the way things are lifted.

The Nemo GRABO is a unique tool with the power tool undergoing a high-quality manufacturing process that takes it through quality assurance procedure before receiving a unique serial number laser engraved on each unit upon successful passage of all QC tests and is not an OEM 3rd party manufacturing tool.

The Nemo GRABO tool is very functional and always comes with two batteries which can be charged in 2 hours with a multi-socket charger and gives 900 0N-OFF cycles of 10 seconds in terms of running cycles. The Nemo GRABO kit also includes an extra seal, a rugged canvas carry bag, an English manual.

The Nemo GRABO is not designed or intended for climbing or to support a person’s weight as using it for any other purpose may result in injury or death.

Why should you purchase the Nemo GRABO tool?

Quality Assurance

Our products, including the Nemo GRABO tool, are manufactured by our qualified team of experts in our wholly-owned factory. This ensures that our products are manufactured with the highest quality and undergo the same strict quality assurance and quality control systems and not through 3rd party original equipment manufacturers. Our unique method of manufacturing, which is usually only used in large scale manufacturing, not just allows us to be consistent with quality but also helps us to offer the Nemo GRABO at the most competitive price in the market, and that is why experts in the industry always recommend our products.

Guaranteed Warranty

The Nemo GRABO tool manufactured with the highest tool comes with a 1-year warranty and an additional six months for those who sign up and register at https://grabo.com/reg/. There is a maintenance and repair video put out by our team to help you in the case of such occurrence and need, but if for any reason you can not get it done, you can also send the tool down to us to get it repaired or maintained.

Quick customer support

Our customer support is fast and effective. We offer full support for our products with our direct office via phone or through our Email on any issues from our end-users or any additional questions for the use case where you get to speak with a GRABO staff directly within 24 hours.

We value our clients and have an open feedback system for our clients as we are always available and happy to get feedback from our clients to consistently work on ways to improve further and serve our end users better.

Easy payment and delivery

We value ease and comfortability for our clients and always provide our products and services to avoid stress and strain, and that’s why we have a variety of payment methods. We accept cash payments and credit cards, including VISA cards, Mastercard, AMEX, and various app transfers.

Our products are not restricted to specific locations, but we offer worldwide shipping to get our products to wherever you want them whenever you want them. We ensure that our dealers always have our products available in stock for products on retail but will require more time for wholesale orders.

At GRABO, we are entirely focused on innovation and continue to strive to be the industry leaders obsessed with quality and safety. With a growth plan and young, qualified fresh minds globally working every day, we are highly driven to make the industry economical, better, and more accessible.

You can also get to be a distributor or partner with GRABO. We usually offer certificates to all our partners and distributors; however, if it would involve importation into a country, the certificate will need to be obtained.