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A Detailed Overview of the Vacuum Panel Lifter

Vacuum technology is one of the most successful technologies to gain entry into the construction industry. This technology has changed the way, so many things are done to a significant level. Before now, lifting large items and objects was a rather difficult and impossible task to achieve, but the story has changed. Also, people used to get scared of the dangers that come with working with a construction company. However, these dangers have been greatly reduced, and the environment at construction sites is now safer.

There are so many benefits that are offered by these vacuum lifters, and it goes beyond increasing safety. In this article, our focus will be on the vacuum panel lifter, which is also a popular lifting device that has become popular and common for commercial and industrial projects. Before we begin, here is a quick overview to remind you of what vacuum lifting means to remind you. One thing many people do not know is that they are subject to so much pressure. It is beyond imagination, but what you must know is that the Earth exerts so much pressure on you every time. There’s a force of 101.4Kpa that is exerted on every object on planet Earth. That implies that a similar force of around 101.3 KN acts in every area that is up to 1 square meter. While this might seem to be a bad thing, it has gained application in construction. Today, the energy force is now applied in different vacuum lifting devices. These devices harness the power of a vacuum to grip and lift just any type of load.

There are so many structural features in these vacuum lifters that make them efficient for material handling. Most of these devices utilize suction cups and vacuum pads to provide the desired grip on the item that is to be lifted. Also, the vacuum pads can be single or multiple in some cases, and the aim is to ensure that it is suitable for the material that is to be lifted. As mentioned earlier, there are different types of vacuum lifters. 

Vacuum panel lifters are also becoming increasingly popular, and they are now widely used in different lifting operations. They are as effective as other types of vacuum lifters that you will find in the market today. The vacuum panel lifters are also used for different industrial and commercial construction projects, and they help to save money and aid the rapid completion of building projects. 

Handling metal and glass panels are usually difficult and often impossible to do with bare hands. However, these devices have proven to be effective in handling these panels. Glass and metal panels are the main materials that are used in construction companies now. The vacuum panel lifters provide a perfect and effective solution for lifting these materials. Today, there’s a large need to ensure increased productivity and safety, especially at construction sites. Moving panels can be done effectively and productively when vacuum panel lifters are used.

Are Vacuum Panel Lifters Beneficial?

It’s funny to hear people ask whether vacuum panel lifters are beneficial or not. Vacuum panel lifters are by far better than the traditional lifting system that was used years ago. They now offer so many benefits, all of which we have outlined below. 

Here are some of the benefits to enjoy from using vacuum panel lifters in your construction site or company:


Imagine the pain you’d feel if you get struck by a large panel, whether metal or glass. You don’t want to have an experience of this type of pain. A leading cause of death in most construction sites involves accidents that occur during the transport of heavy objects like panels. Fortunately, these accidents are greatly reduced with the aid of vacuum panel lifters. 

The vacuum lifting technology has helped to reduce the occurrence of accidental and life-threatening incidence in construction sites. Another amazing thing is that the lifters make it a lot easier to move items with greater precision. They are by far better than using slings and hoists, both of which usually require manual rigging. 


Fatalities and injuries at the workplace can slow down productivity, which can be detrimental for any business. However, the vacuum panel lifter can help increase productivity by reducing fatalities and accidents. With these devices, the workplace becomes safer, and your employees will be happy with their work.


As we have shown earlier, vacuum panel lifters can improve safety and decrease liability, and this is by preventing injuries and other fatalities. The older methods of balancing, rigging, and moving heavy loads are usually time-consuming. However, vacuum panel lifters help to save time, and they are also effective to use. 


This is also another factor that makes vacuum panel lifters super-amazing. They are versatile, meaning that they are perfect for any type of panel. Whether it is a metallic panel or a glass panel, you can rest assured that the vacuum panel lifter will do a great job at handling and lifting the material. 


Times have changed, and there’s hardly any difficult task that cannot be handled with ease nowadays. A couple of years ago, lifting heavy panels was a rather difficult task that involved the use of ropes and other pulley systems in dangerous processes. However, with the vacuum panel lifters, you can lift any type of panel with much ease. Also, all the dangers involved in the process are greatly reduced. 


vacuum panel lifter
A Detailed Overview of the Vacuum Panel Lifter