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Vacuum Tube Lifters for Versatile Load Handing

Vacuum tube lifters offer unique lifting aid, and they are designed for handling loads and materials that are fragile or break easily. They are also ideal for handling these materials with much care. Examples of these materials include cardboard boxes, bags, and even concrete blocks. The tube lifting system helps increase both safety and productivity, and they also provide a more ergonomic solution for effective material handling. 

With these systems, you can lift, lower, and hold any type of load and what's more, is that a single operator control can be used to achieve all of this. Another amazing thing is that very little operator training is required to handle these lifting systems. The vacuum tube lifters also allow for the installation of different attachments, and this gives it the ability to lift different items, irrespective of size and shape. They can handle multiple systems.

There is usually much burden on workers, especially when the load is heavy or much. That is where the vacuum lifting system comes in handy. They can help these workers facilitate the manual lifting of these heavy loads, and what's more, is that they make this lifting process super easy. These vacuum lifters usually use sealed pads and an electrically powered extraction pump to stick to different products and provide the needed force required to lift the product. These lifters will float any product, making it a lot easier for workers to move around with little or no effort. 

They are unique and are also suited to handle different material requirements. Examples include cardboard carton lifting and bag handling. The equipment also found use in loading panel machines and the transfer of different items.

Are you curious about the principle of operation of these devices? It's simple. These devices work by gripping and lifting with the aid of a vacuum. That implies that you won't need another device to lift the load when using the vacuum tube lifters. All that's required is for the operator to control the vacuum with the lever valve's aid situated on the control valve. When the vacuum is increased, the air is drawn out of the tube, and the load is then lifted, but when the vacuum is reduced, the air enters the tube so that the load can be lowered. Also, the lifting speed is key, and it is important to note that a vast majority of the vacuum tube lifters operate with a lifting speed of more than 100 feet per minute, which is super amazing for different lifting operations.

When talking about safety, the vacuum tube lifters are one of the safest devices to use. They are built to guarantee safety, especially when handling heavy materials. However, for more safety guarantees, the operator needs to adhere to necessary precautions. Fortunately, these devices usually have an ergonomic design which further helps to guarantee safety. Other features that guarantee safety include the large suction pad and the non-return valve, which will prevent the load from dropping off, even if there's a malfunction or power failure. 

Applications and Use of the Vacuum Tube Lifters

The vacuum tube lifter is undoubtedly a very versatile tool to use, especially in most construction sites. They are versatile because they can be used in handling just any type of weight and object. However, they are most frequently used in enhancing machine loading, especially for packing and shipping areas. They also increase the speed in production lines and are used in different lifting operations. 

Are you wondering about the benefits of using these devices? Here are some of the top benefits of vacuum tube lifters:

  • The vacuum tube lifters reduce employee lifting to make work a lot easier for employees

  • They offer a more damage-free and secure gripping and lifting. That is to ensure that the work hazards are reduced to the barest minimum

  • Vacuum tube lifters help to increase productivity by reducing loading times

  • They help in minimizing the manpower in sites, which is more economical. With these devices, only one operator is required for material handling

  • The vacuum tube lifter can be used to handle different materials, which is why it is regarded as a versatile handling tool. 

There are so many things that you can use this device to handle. With the vacuum tube lifter, you can handle rounded cans, raw materials, parcels, luggage, bagged goods, windows, boxes, doors, wood products, OSB, and many more items with improved efficiency. This equipment is suitable for high-volume product handling, assembly line production, and other warehouse production needs. If you are looking for an effective way to save money and time, you should consider using vacuum tube lifters. Rest assured that it will help you to save time and money by increasing productivity. Also, the tool will reduce the number of damages that are usually caused by slings and clamps. Consider the vacuum tube lifter whenever you need to lift any item, no matter how heavy it may be, and you can rest assured that it will do the job safely. 


Ensuring the safety of workers has been a top priority for most companies and industries in recent times. The vacuum tube lifters have made that completely possible and achievable. Many industries have embraced this equipment as a way of increasing their productivity as well as the safety of their workers. 


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