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What you need to know about suction lifters

Do you ever walk down the hallway in a supermarket and see how long glass pieces are beautifully arranged. You might be wondering how the glass got to that point, considering how heavy and delicate it is. There are so many other delicate materials that are strategically placed in different buildings, and it’s way beyond imagination. The only certainty is that a special tool was used in placing such items.


Construction companies have evolved in how they operate and also how they handle materials during construction. Going down memory lane to a couple of centuries back, extreme manpower was used in handling the construction of structures. You will notice a sizable number of manpower on construction sites in the early days, and heavy materials were lifted by people. Even though they were successful in some cases, they weren’t always productive, and the construction process always took a lot of time.

However, times have changed, and many inventions have gained entry into the construction market. Many devices have made things a lot easier for construction companies and other businesses, and what’s more, is that they help to increase productivity and safety. Of all the innovations and inventions available in the market space, we will focus on the suction lifters in this article. 

Are you wondering what the suction lifter is and how it is useful, especially for construction companies? Read on if you want to know more about the suction lifters.

What is the Suction Lifter?

The suction lifter is an equipment that has increasingly become popular in different parts of the world today. It is a device that makes it a lot easier for people to move large and delicate objects in industrial and commercial environments. Examples of these objects include metals, glass, tiles, and many more. Suction lifters offer so many benefits for construction workers and companies. The most important of these benefits is that they help improve the safety of the object that is moved and the individuals moving the object.


This lifter is sometimes called a suction pad, and it takes the form of a suction cup. It is now widely used in many industrial and commercial lifting operations, especially those that are carried out by construction industries. Moving smooth objects like floor tiles, glass planes, kitchen countertops, and so on with bare hands can be a very difficult task, but with the suction lifters, it becomes the easiest thing to achieve. Operators and people involved in lifting heavy materials see the suction lifters as a blessing because of how it simplifies their operations. 

Some of the currently available suction lifters hand-operated, and they provide a firmer grip, especially for smooth and slippery surfaces. Other suction lifters that you will come across are usually mounted on a hoist. That is to make them suitable for lifting large objects and irregularly shaped materials. Whether it’s handheld or operated on a hoist, what’s certain is that the suction lifters will improve safety and enhance productivity for you. 

Are you wondering how these suction lifters operate? It’s pretty simple and straightforward. They work with the principles used by suction cups, which involves maintaining a vacuum between the surface that is lifted and that of the suction cup made of rubber or plastic. There’s usually a handle on the suction cup, and it services the purpose of creating a vacuum when pushed. 

Even though the suction lifters are very effective and reliable, there is certain consideration that you must make to ensure that they function appropriately. You must note that all the suction cups do not have the same carrying capacity, which is why you must consider these things. What then are the considerations that you must make? 

First, you need to consider the size of the suction cup. The suction cup should have a size suitable for the material it is to lift. If the size is too small, it might not provide a firm grip, and the same applies to the larger suction cup. Therefore, you must consider the size of the cup. The number of cups is also another important thing to consider. Many people use more than one cup to improve efficiency. However, this will depend on the size of the material to be moved. Another important thing to consider is the type of suction cup to be used. Some suction cups are better suited for dry surfaces, while others are ideal for wet surfaces. Therefore, you need to know the type of surface you are to lift before selecting a suction cup or suction lifter. 


Suction lifters have revolutionized construction industries and also simplified how things are done. The suction lifters have greatly reduced the stress and danger that comes with lifting heavy and fragile materials. The suction lifters are used for large-scale operations and for smaller-scale operations in which they have proven to be really handy.

Therefore, whether it’s a large glass frame you want to move or fix smaller tiles, you can rest assured that you will find an ideal suction lifter to do the job for you. Reduce work hazards in every possible way you can, and you can start with the suction lifter. 


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