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Vacuum Lift Assists for tilers and landscape contractors allows fast lifting, moving and laying of large tiles, natural stones and slabs, in a way that is easy on the back. They are flexible and powerful material lifting and laying devices, allowing the easy edge-to-edge placing of paving slabs with minimal effort and greatest safety.   

The majority of this article is dedicated to landscapers who install concrete pavers, slabs, steps, and natural stone products of similar nature. Though there are many more vacuum lift systems available for other materials like glass and metal that are suitable for other industries. A few examples of those will be given.   

Mini Vacuum Lifter The Grabo is battery operated and suitable for non-porous material. This includes wet cast concrete and most natural stone products. If you are doing an overlay with natural stone, this will make it easier to place and adjust pieces without having your fingers in the way. If you purchase two of them, placing natural stone coping treads becomes a breeze if you are building steps or even installing pool coping. These are the perfect pieces of equipment to have if this is what you want to use them for. They are reasonably priced and a good introduction to vacuum lifting.


Vacuum Paver Lifter 

If your company mostly installs pavers, then perhaps investing in a paver vacuum lift product that specializes in this would be most useful. Because most pavers are dry cast products, you are going to need a product that is plugged into a power source and that draws enough air through the vacuum to get a good seal on the paver. These products are great for ensuring that you are not having to be on your knees when laying or getting up and down. These vacuum paver lifters ensure an efficient job site while also keeping you from fatigue. The benefit of these lifters is that they can be used to pick up wet cast and natural stone pieces that have a weight rating of less than what the equipment is rated for. 

Vacuum Slab Lifter 

Having two people available to use a vacuum slab lifter to place slabs makes laying a patio a breeze. Especially when a slab is taking up so much square footage per piece, you will have it laid in no time. The best part about using these vacuum paving slab lifters is that if you need to pick up a piece in order to adjust the bedding layer, it is incredibly easy and you will not be pinching any fingers to pick up and put down a piece. This is a must-have machine if you are going to be laying slabs.     

Vacuum Lifter for Steps 

When you are getting into larger pieces of materials that you are installing, they are likely going to be wet cast concrete or natural stone. For the most part, these are less porous which means you can get away with a vacuum lifter that is battery operated. However, you will need a vacuum lifter that is larger with a bigger plate on it to form a solid seal on the piece of material that is being installed. This is no problem for some of the products that MQUIP has to offer.   

Vacuum Lifter for larger natural stone products 

Natural stone can be a little bit more difficult when choosing the right vacuum lifter for it. This is because natural stone varies in porosity, but it also has a textured surface. If there is too much texture on the surface of the stone, it may be a little bit difficult for the vacuum lifter to obtain a proper seal. However, these vacuum lifters are pretty incredible and with the right combination of the lifter, plate, and seal, you can get a proper piece of equipment to lift the material you are installing. It is best to contact the company you are purchasing the vacuum equipment from beforehand and let them know what material you intend to use the vacuum lifter for before you purchase.   

Vacuum lifter for concrete 

Moving particularly heavy and unwieldy concrete parts on the construction site in a way that is gentle on materials and employees is often a challenge. With vacuum lifting devices for concrete components and concrete castings, handling tasks such as these can be carried out comparatively easily and at the same time ensure process efficiency. Vacuum lifters for concrete parts provide significant gains in efficiency, especially in road construction, precast part production and precast part construction.  

Vacuum lifters for power plants 

Energy plants and energy systems require special attention, especially during construction and installation. Vacuum lifters for energy systems ensure efficient and extremely gentle material handling during transport so that the sensor technology can be installed safely and carefully at the often rough location.   

Vacuum lifter for special applications 

There are construction projects and applications that are so special that no off-the-peg or modular solution is sufficient to master these tasks. For a whole range of these tasks in the construction industry, vacuum lifters that are specifically adapted to the project, the components or the application are suitable. These special-purpose machines score points in use above all through increased efficiency and safety.   

Concrete jack attachments 

These vacuum lifters for concrete parts, concrete castings and concrete elements weighing up to 6000 kg are ideal for easy transport and gentle assembly. The vacuum lifters, which are guided on the crane, do not require an external power supply and allow autonomous working.   

Vacuum lifter for solar panels 

These vacuum lifters for the particularly sensitive panels of solar systems allow extremely gentle and at the same time fast handling. The sensitive surfaces of solar panels are optimally protected and the laying of large areas is accelerated.   Vacuum lifters for panels, facades and glass Indispensable for hall construction, facade construction, glazing or roofing: These vacuum lifters for sandwich panels, trapezoidal or corrugated sheets, glass fronts or building cladding ensure safe, fast work processes and optimum project sequences.   Your job sites will be safer and your quality of work will improve if you invest in a vacuum lift assist.


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