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Using the Vacuum Lifting Machine

Vacuum technology is ideal for secure lifting without the risk of damaging the goods or the person lifting them. Vacuum lifters use vacuum power to grip and lift the load. Vacuum technology offers sustainable, safe, and efficient handling of most types of goods. Whether practical construction site helper or process-safe handling solution - in almost all areas of the construction industry we support fast, efficient, and safe systems.

Vacuum lifters for the construction site make it almost child's play to transport heavy or extremely unwieldy components and materials. The use of handling solutions for the construction site increases safety for employees by systematizing work processes. Processes and projects can be planned more reliably and generate economic advantages for the construction site through the use of vacuum technology.  

There are a few really good reasons why you should be considering investing in vacuum lifting equipment in your business but below are the most obvious reasons:   

1. Timely completion of projects: Usually we see construction projects witnessing delays in execution. The main reason behind project delays is the usage of less advanced machines. Hence, works in the construction field can get smoother and faster with the help of equipment fitted with cutting-edge technologies, which can ensure project completion on a given deadline.   

2. Enhances brand value: If projects are completed on time using highly advanced equipment, the brand value of the business increases in the market, which in turn can help in getting new clientele.   

3. Improves quality of work: Making use of construction equipment with the latest technology also allows contractors to complete work with minimal quality defects.   

4. Cost savings and profitability: Increased productivity and the reliability of the advanced construction equipment also translate into higher profitability from fewer defect-related claims and the avoidance of delay penalties.   

5. Performs multiple tasks: An old equipment may not be capable of doing all the work but a machine embedded with advanced technology can do similar work and maybe few other tasks as well smoothly in less time.   

6. Ensures environmental friendliness: Generally, CE equipped with the latest technology is environment friendly and highly fuel-efficient. Thus, they help in reducing CO2 considerably and help companies put their greener foot forward.   


Vacuum lifting equipment has exploded lately in the landscaping industry as manufacturers of these pieces of equipment have created smaller more compact sizes for pavers, slabs, and steps. There is a vacuum lifting device for every installation now in a hardscape project and likely one available to you that will help you become more efficient.   That being said, there is a vacuum lifting device for every installation now in a hardscape project and likely one available to you that will help you become more efficient. They can either be: 

  • heavy-duty lifters, electric-powered lifters, 

  • battery-powered lifters, 

  • Vertical-Horizontal Vacuum lifters   

1. Heavy-Duty: Vacuum lifters are made with oversized lifting frames, vacuum pads, and vacuum stations. They are designed to handle materials and products such as metal plates.   

2. Vertical-Horizontal Vacuum lifters: can hold a load in place either vertically or horizontally, depending on the application requirements.   

3. Electric-Powered: Vacuum lifters feature high-capacity pumps, valves, filters, and gauges for trouble-free operation in the most demanding production environments.   4. Battery-Powered: Vacuum lifters are commonly used for special applications where AC power is not readily available below the hook as there is a rechargeable battery. This lifting machine allows you to pick up both porous and non-porous materials

4. These are perfect for installers of pavers and natural stone products to be able to pick up a piece of product and install it while standing without being bent over, pinching fingers, or disturbing the base while installing. These speed up the installation process while saving your back and knees. They are also the perfect tool to pick up a stone in the middle of your laid area that needs to be replaced.   

5. Mobile Attachment: Vacuum lifters are suitable for use with forklifts, excavators, and other end-effector equipment. There are also two-man vacuum slab lifters that allow you to pick up non-porous or porous larger slabs with two people at either end. This speeds up the process of laying larger slabs while also allowing you to make quick adjustments to the stones that have been laid if need be.   Finally, there are also larger units that can be chained to a machine that will allow you to pick up larger non-porous slabs that cannot be picked up by a few people. Things like larger pieces of natural stone or steps are now easily picked up from the top and put into place without having to deal with different sizes of clamps or using straps. A much more efficient system to be efficient with your installs.   

Ergonomics and efficiency are the two major aims of vacuum lifters

With so many different vacuum lifters to choose from to support your landscaping business, do enquire from whatever company you decide to purchase your vacuum lifting machine from.   Lifting heavy items is one of the leading causes of injury in the workplace. Overexertion and cumulative trauma were the biggest factors in these injuries. Bending, followed by twisting and turning, was the more commonly cited movements that caused back injuries. Strains and sprains from lifting loads improperly or from carrying loads that are either too large or too heavy are common hazards associated with manually moving materials.   

Realizing this, construction equipment companies are increasingly taking action to ease the burden off of construction workers and the results are fast and efficient equipment.   

Having the right equipment in your business will completely change how you complete projects and help your business run more efficiently while also retaining the employees you do have. Your job sites will be safer and your quality of work will improve. Investing in a vacuum lifter is one such piece of equipment that you can purchase to help you accomplish these things in your business. In need of a Lifting Machine to make your job easier? Contact us today to purchase a high-quality affordable Vacuum Lifting Machine for your business.   


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