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Around the world, Probst is the solution provider for handling systems of construction and landscaping materials. Their products are designed to help people work safely, and more productively. The foundation of their success is their continual innovation and has established their position as the market leader.


Having grown into the leading global developer and manufacturer of grab and installation technology, the last Fifty years of the company’s history have seen Probst create trend-setting standards and guarantee a constantly high level of quality.

Their products range from material handling equipment to the latest technologies and innovations that guarantee to improve your operations and safety measures. They provide equipment that is useful to everyone who is involved in working with concrete products, pavers, and pipes. So, be it a civil engineering work, building construction project, or block paving job – we have you covered. Their experience and technical product understanding are sure to provide you with a safe working environment.

The Probst Vacuum-Handy

The Probst Vacuum Handy is an economical lifter for the installation of non-porous pavers and slabs. It is ideal for landscapers who have to lift and place multiple pavers and slabs.


  • The vacuum suction force is produced by pressing the device down onto the surface of the slab. The slab can then be lifted by hand. To release the slab, use your fingertip to open a simple valve.

  • The Probst Vacuum-Handy is an inexpensive solution to install non-porous slabs using a vacuum.

  • It allows fast lifting, moving, and laying of large tiles, natural stones, and slabs with one hand, in a way that is easy on the back.

  • The Probst Vacuum-Handy is a series that includes two other devices; Vacuum-Handy VH-1/25 and Vacuum-Handy VH-2/50

Vacuum-Handy VH-1/25

  • One-person operation for lightweight slabs and carrying short distances.

  • Accurate and quick installation with no gap between slabs.

  • Reduced suitability for two-person operation.

  • Excellent ergonomic working position for installation.

  • Pick up and move pavers and slabs that have already been laid.

  • A robust seal ring can be exchanged within seconds without glueing.

  • Durable galvanized surface protection

Vacuum-Handy VH-2/50

As per the VH-1/25, but equipped with a screw-on handle for lifting by two people instead of the one-person handle.

Suitable for heavier loads and carrying longer distances by two people.

One thing to remember is that the VH-1/25 device must only be used on non-porous materials close to ground level. The device must never be set down onto edges, as this can damage the seal. Set it down on an even surface or lay it down sideways for storage.

you may ask, how can one tell the difference between non-porous and porous materials?

In the hardscape industry, there are two different types of concrete products: wet cast and dry cast. The wet cast is created using concrete that is mixed wet, poured into a mould, and vibrated to release any air pockets that formed. This allows for a consistent mix of concrete throughout the product with a very dense concentration of concrete. Oftentimes these products have a finished surface that looks completely smooth. This makes wet cast products more non-porous. This means that there is little to no room for water and air to flow through these products which is extremely important when considering a vacuum lift system for you. Most wet cast products that are created by manufacturers include things like wall caps, steps, some paving slabs, and, even more rarely, pavers.

Dry cast, on the other hand, can have noticeable pockets of air on the surface, sides, and bottom. This is because the mixing process is very different from the wet cast products and it uses only enough water to activate the cement within the concrete mix. These stones can have a fairly smooth surface, but if you look closely you will see the pockets of air. These pockets throughout the product will let air and water flow through the stone making them a porous concrete product.

Once again, an extremely important note to make when considering a vacuum lift system for you. Most dry cast products are pavers and retaining wall systems, but you will find steps and slabs made as dry cast.


How do you spot the difference?

Look at the surface of the product. Is it completely smooth without any small air pockets? Then it is likely a wet cast product. But the biggest tell is when you flip the product over. Most dry cast products will have a noticeably smooth bottom with even larger and more noticeable air pockets throughout the bottom compared to their top. Wet cast products are either the same moulded texture throughout or have an almost wet concrete texture. If you are still unsure, speak with your supplier or sales representative to confirm whether it is a dry or wet cast product. Natural stone products all have different measures of porosity. Limestone is more porous than granite, but still being less porous than a dry cast product. A lot of the natural stone products you will install as a hardscape will likely be either limestone or granite/basalt stone. These should be considered when choosing the right stone vacuum lifter for your business, but both of these natural stone products are comparable or even less porous than the wet cast concrete products.

The reason why you need to know this information is that the more porous a material is, the stronger the vacuum you are going to need to pull more air through to create a strong seal on the product that you are lifting.


Ensure to keep this piece of information in my mind when purchasing a Probst product. But not to worry, the team at Probst are experts and experienced in creating solutions like lifting equipment in a way that is sure to assist your lifting and handling needs thoroughly. They will team up with you to ensure that all your doubts are cleared and their solutions complement your business needs and that you are totally satisfied with our material handling equipment.

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