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Using the Veribor Suction Lifter

A suction lifter (or suction pad) is a form of suction cup used for commercial and industrial lifting operations. In the construction industry, they are often used to move large, smooth objects such as glass panes, fixtures such as kitchen countertops, floor tiles, and so on. They are commonly hand-operated, although they can also operate on a hoist.

Suction lifters follow the same principle as a suction cup, maintaining a vacuum between the surface to be lifted and a flexible material such as rubber. The vacuum is created by pushing a lever or handle on the suction cup.


Their load carrying capacity is dependent on the type, size, and number of suction cups, and lifting mechanism. Typical safe working loads for hand-operated suction lifters range from 10kg to 60kg per lifter, with lifters formed from 1 to 4 suction cups. Hoist-operated lifters can have from 1 to 50 or more suction cups and can lift well more than 1,000kg.

They work best against very flat, smooth surfaces, but can also be configured to lift other shapes, such as curves. Rougher textured surfaces make the maintaining of a vacuum more difficult.


Vacuum suction cups are available in different shapes, each suitable for gripping different surfaces:

Standard: suitable for flat and slightly undulating and domed surfaces. Vacuum suction cups of this type can grip workpieces very quickly thanks to their low overall height and small internal volume. Their flat shape gives them good stability as well as the ability to withstand lateral forces and rapid acceleration. The typical applications of standard vacuum suction cups include smooth or slightly rough workpieces such as glass, metal, and plastic parts.


Bellows: suitable for bevelled, domed, round, large surfaces and pliable workpieces because of their ability to compensate for uneven surfaces. Bellows vacuum suction cups provide damping for handling delicate workpieces, such as glass bottles or lightbulbs. Other common applications include electronic components, blister packs, and injection-moulded plastic parts.

Oval: suitable for slim, oblong workpieces such as profiles and pipes. Despite their relatively small dimensions, oval vacuum suction cups can generate higher forces than standard, circular cups, making them indispensable for handling all kinds of thin and curved objects.

Extra deep: suitable for snappy handling of round and domed workpieces. Extra deep vacuum suction cups can be seen as a compromise between standard cups, which perform best with flat, solid surfaces, and bellows cups, which can handle even heavily corrugated surfaces with a large curvature at the expense of agility.

All types of vacuum suction cups manufactured by Festo are available in many different sizes, and it’s advisable to always use a slightly larger cup and work at a lower level of vacuum force to ease the requirements on the vacuum pump.


Veribor is a brand under the Mother company Bohle AG, that is dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and selling suction lifters. Today the Veribor product range includes lifting and carrying devices from single-cup pump-activated suction lifters to industrial quality lifting equipment with carrying capacities up to several tons.

  • The Veribor Sector Lifter is suitable for:

  • Materials and objects with airtight surfaces

  • Carrying capacity from 25 kg up to 120 kg

  • Carrying direction both parallel and horizontal

  • Handling glass, sheet metal, flooring, stoneware, coated wood, etc.


Veribor 1-cup suction lifter made of plastic:

Ideally suited for small surfaces: The 1-cup suction lifter offers a firm hold in all instances where there is not enough space for attaching a 2-cup suction lifter. The grip lies perfectly in your hand. The high-quality, PAH-free rubber pad in proven Bohle quality is a positive development from previous models. It is dimensionally stable but still soft enough to adapt to the surface during vacuum generation. The 1-cup suction lifter is suited for loads of up to 25 kg (two-fold safety factor) and can be used for all materials and objects with gas-tight surfaces.

Veribor 2-cup suction lifter made of plastic:

Safe grip and highest carrying comfort. The Veribor 2-cup suction lifter convinces due to its large, non-slip gripping area and lies perfectly in your hand. The levers have an ergonomic and user-friendly design. Their wide surface-free rubber pads in proven Bohle quality are a positive development from previous models. They are dimensionally stable but still soft enough to adapt to the surface during vacuum generation. The 2-cup suction lifter is suited for loads of up to 50 kg (two-fold safety factor) and can be used for all materials and objects with gastight surfaces.

Veribor 3 cup suction lifter made of plastic:

This lever-activated suction lifter success model is also made of sturdy plastic and comes with three suction cups and thus an even higher carrying capacity. This suction lifter combines the advantages of different models: high carrying capacity, a resilient and at the same time lightweight material, and outstanding ergonomics. The black coating of the handle enables a safe, non-slip gripping area and therefore convenient working under all circumstances. This device is suitable for use.

Veribor 2 cup suction lifter made of Aluminum:

The sturdy aluminium suction lifter with 3 pads for lifting and carrying different loads. Suitable for all materials with flat and airtight surfaces. The suction lifter must be pressed firmly, with its suction pad relaxed, onto the corresponding surface. When you activate the lever, you will notice the resistance caused by generating the vacuum. 

Veribor Suction Lifter with Knob Grip, All-Rubber:

The Veribor all-rubber suction lifter ideally lends itself to lifting and carrying different loads. It is suitable for holding smaller objects or for opening the covers of cable ducts. The vacuum is generated by simply pressing the suction pad onto the respective surface, which enables quick and efficient working. The lifter can be loosened from the surface by slightly lifting the release ridge. A suction lifter is vital in ensuring the safety of transported glass and other fragile materials. And for this cause, Lifting, and Transportation devices have been specially developed by Veribor since the 1950s to combat this issue and make Safe transportation of glass a norm.

veribor suction lifter
Using the Veribor Suction Lifter