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Before you hire a Vacuum Slab Lifter

Lifting heavy items is one of the leading causes of injury in the workplace. Overexertion and cumulative trauma were the biggest factors in these injuries. Bending, followed by twisting and turning, was the more commonly cited movements that caused back injuries. Strains and sprains from lifting loads improperly or from carrying loads that are either too large or too heavy are common hazards associated with manually moving materials.

Realizing this, construction equipment companies are increasingly taking action to ease the burden off of construction workers and the results are fast and efficient equipment.


Vacuum lifters are types of lifting equipment that incorporates a vacuum as or as part of the lifting mechanism. Vacuum lifting system Construction equipment has long been used to move material like large pipes and concrete slabs, typically with ropes, chains or slings tied to the bucket or stick. Lately, however, operators of these machines are turning to vacuum-lifting technology as a faster and safer alternative.  vacuum-based devices can improve worksite productivity and, more importantly, keep workers out of harm’s way. vacuum eliminates the need for unsafe and time-consuming lifting mechanisms such as hooks, slings or chains. With no cables and chains to hook and unhook, there is less downtime between lifts and faster load and unload cycles.


There are a few really good reasons why you should be considering investing in vacuum lifting equipment in your business. From addressing the labour shortage and retaining employees to creating a better standard and quality of work on your job sites, these tools are going to help you expand your business.


For companies that want to invest in themselves and their workers, vacuum lift equipment is what you should be investing in. This equipment will help you lift heavier objects easier without breaking your back or pinching your fingers when you lay pavers and larger slabs. It also removes the need for chains and straps and is a more safe alternative on job sites when installing larger materials.


These vacuum lift systems will help your business increase efficiency on the job site by making it easier to lay pavers without needing to get up and down, while also saving yourself from fatigue. The larger the material, the more efficient you will become as these systems will make installing walls, slabs, steps, and natural stone a breeze.

Not to mention the improvement of the quality of your work. With no clamps or forks in the way, these vacuum lifts will make it easier to drop and pick up a product to get it into the perfect position. Whether you are placing steps or placing large pieces of flagstone and getting the right cut, these vacuum lift systems are going to make your quality of work stand out further from the rest.


Not only will vacuum lift equipment help you to work more efficiently, but it will also help you to draw in and even more importantly retain employees. Those that are working for you will be less willing to jump to a different company when they are already working for a company that is investing in them with equipment that will make their lives easier. It will be less tempting for them to move to a company that does not have the same equipment available to them which would make their work on job sites more difficult.


Choosing the right vacuum lifting product for your business depends on the type of product that you intend to use it for. If you lay mostly pavers, then a paver lifter that is plugged in and draws in a lot of air through the vacuum is the best choice for you. If you want something small to lay wet cast concrete products or small natural stone pieces for overlays, there is a small product on the market for you. If you install large slabs, steps, or armour stone, there are products to cover all of these applications. That being said, there is a vacuum lifting device for every installation now in a hardscape project and likely one available to you that will help you become more efficient. They can either be heavy-duty lifters, electric-powered lifters, battery-powered lifters, small handheld lifting types of equipment. Amongst the various types of Vacuum Lifters is the Vacuum Slab Lifter. 


It is a 2 man lifter that allows you to pick up non-porous or porous larger slabs with two people at either end. This definitely speeds up the process of laying larger slabs while also allowing you to make quick adjustments to the stones that have been laid if need be.

Minimal effort

The best part about using these vacuum paving slab lifters is that if you need to pick up a piece to adjust the bedding layer, it is incredibly easy and you will not be pinching any fingers to pick up and put down a piece. This is a must-have machine if you are going to be laying slabs.

Rapid Recharge

  • The vacuum slab lifter also comes with an advanced battery charger, which quickly gets the lifting equipment back up to power, and able to be used for a whole day without being recharged.

  • This vacuum slab lifter is capable of lifting loads of up to 150kg and is fitted with a rechargeable battery that is recharged from a 240v plug. 

  • For heavy, non-porous slabs, vacuum lifting equipment is the perfect solution to help you move them with ease! 

  • Vacuum lifters for the construction site make it almost child's play to transport heavy or extremely unwieldy components and materials. The use of handling solutions for the construction site increases safety for employees by systematising work processes.

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Before you hire a Vacuum Slab Lifter