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Apparatus that is made use of in a vacuum system to grasp and transport objects aimed at pick and place application is known as suction cups. These suction cups operate in conjunction with a vacuum generator to lift objects. Suction cups are normally made up of silicone, polyurethane (PUR), CHLOROPRENE (CR) or nitrile, (NR) and they usually come in various sizes and shapes with diverse holding abilities.

Either in manual or automatic handling application suction cups work as a gripper and suction cups use diverse compression to function. Suction cups are made up of two-part; the suction cup and also the joining component. The suction cup is the element that comes in close contact with the workpiece. Each glass handling suction cups are made up of various part that come together to form the suction cups and they are;

Vacuum generators:

the vacuum generator is the part of the suction cups that assists the vacuum suction cups by supplying the necessary vacuum. The vacuum generator can either function electrically or pneumatically. Pneumatic generators assist in attaining small and speedy cycle rotation. These vacuum generators can be attached straight into the system owing to their lightweight and solid design. Electric generators are made use of if extraordinary suction capacity is necessary or if there is no accessibility to compressed air.

Compressed air:

compressed air is used by the vacuum generator to generate a vacuum.


The special vacuum hoses are made use of together with the vacuum suction cups to meet the range of the cups and the capacity of the stream that is needed.


silencers, ejectors, vacuum filters, vacuum regulators are fittings that commonly complement vacuum suction cups to support heightened performance.


Valves assist the vacuum suction cups by regulating the vacuum and the movement of compressed air

There are various types of suction cups depending on your choice and your needs, the following are the different kinds of suction cups that you can easily find:

Level vacuum suction cups

In a work environment where the surface they operate in is either levelled or somewhat bent, flat suction cups are ideal. It comes highly recommended and it is used universally because it provides for firmness and steady grip based on its flat or levelled shape. This glass handling suction cups is perfect for handling metal, glass, and even cardboards, it is also the perfect fit for lifting weighty metallic objects 

Bellows vacuum suction cups

If the work surface you are operating with is not balanced or it has fluctuating height then you might opt for bellow suction cups. Bellow suction cups are perfect for lifting electronic elements, moulded parts, and they are even perfect for food packaging or products that are shrinking in nature 

Oval vacuum suction cups

Oval vacuum suction cups are used when working with lengthened or narrow exteriors. They are also the perfect fit when maximum holding force is necessary 

Advantages of glass handling suction cups

Glass handling suction cups exceed standards: Glass handling suction cups are generally used in the work environment to lift weighty objects, objects like huge pieces of glass for windows, cars, or doors. In case of an unanticipated power loss, the vacuum must be maintained. As a result, glass handling suction cups performance is strictly regulated by several international standards. With each new technology invention the higher the level of safety for glass handling suction cups is augmented

Glass handling suction cups serve as an extra safety barrier: glass handling suction cups are designed for lifting much larger objects, especially objects that have glass elements or objects with levelled surfaces. Glass handing suction cups are fortified with a special and unique designed resistance pattern that is appropriate for vertical control of glass or metal sheets. The resistance pattern prevents the sheets from sliding, even if they are somewhat wet or oily

If by mistake, the cup’s outer lip is accidentally torn or cut, the inner lip will ensure that such damage does not have much significant consequence. It is also efficient in safeguarding against the damages that may occur as a result of overloading.

Additionally, the glass handling suction cup is made with Nitrile which then makes it possible for the glass handling suction cups to leave no visible marks on glass objects that they lift. These objects are absolutely stain-free. The rubber part of the glass handling suction cup is joined with the aluminium fitting, which in return now provides a durable and reliable interface.

Glass-handling suction cups save energy: Glass-handling suction cups come with an extra feature that allows extra energy savings, an extra energy-saving feature exists that lets the air depletion be lessened by between 90 and 99%. With this extra energy savings, the extra sealed non-return valve will preserve the pump in a zero air-consumption mode almost during the entire vacuum duty sequence, even if this lasts for up to 15 to 20 minutes.

It is important to hire a good glass handling suction operator who knows about the operation and the maintenance of glass handling suction cups this is because glass handling suction cups also involves features such as indicators and regulators. It is important that operators of glass handling suction cups are aware of the control and regulators and they are also ably capable of controlling the system quickly and effectively to ensure it is operating at the correct vacuum level, and only a good glass handling suction cup operator will be able to this effect. 

For precise and safe handling, the release mechanism must respond quickly and efficiently and the  Blow-off check valves are used to prevent a vacuum from being pulled back to other pneumatic valves of unknown sealing performance all these instructions are what a good glass handling suction cup operator needs to be aware of. Also when buying a glass handling suction cup, it is important to patronize a reliable and trusted manufacturer to get good quality for a good price.


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