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How to use Mobile Vacuum Lifter

Understanding the use of the mobile vacuum lifter is effective for every person who intends to lift an object. First of all, a clear-cut idea of what a mobile vacuum lifter is should be known before further movement on how to make use of it. Its invention was made carrying heavy loads with pressure easy to do, because of its powerful technology grip that can withstand heaviness. Read on!


Vacuum lifters help you lift almost any type of goods with minimal physical effort; it grips and lifts the load with vacuum power. The vacuum lifter is mounted on a knuckle arm attached to a unit compatible with any forklift. This means you can use the lifter and a forklift to move it to where you need it quickly.

The mobile vacuum lifter is a lifter that helps you lift goods with a bit of physical effort. It is helpful to people who have heavy goods and load sand without going through stress. The grip helps lift the load with vacuum power, and the vacuum lifter is placed on the knuckle arm attached to any part of the vacuum with any fork truck or forklift for easy usability.

The vacuum lifter can allow the operator to move goods or loads up to 175pounds within a 6.5-foot range. The construction site uses equipment and vacuum lifters for mobile applications. These vacuum cleaners are devices used in wood and glass production. The mobile lifter is known for its battery operation and is often designed for suspension from mobile or overhead cranes. Two or four vacuum systems can make a vacuum lifter safe and suitable device for its use, whether for the in-house assembly of glass panels or the handling of glass between different production steps.

There are two basic types of vacuum lifting equipment, they are;

1. Vacuum lifting tubes (VLT) a lifting system incorporating vacuum tube with suction pads used for both gripping and lifting objects

2. Vacuum lifting attachments (VLA) is a detachable lifting attachment containing suction pads fixed to independent lifting machines such as hydraulic excavator arm or forklift truck.

This attachment is used for gripping the load, and then the machine is used to lift everything.


There are rules and guidelines to follow while learning the use of a mobile vacuum lifter. The good practice of these guidelines is required. Although it cannot be forcefully enforced or made compulsory, the application or compliance with it will reduce the risk of injury to operators and other persons and avoid damage to plant and equipment. Below are the steps on how the mobile vacuum lifter can be operated;

  • Using the mobile vacuum lifting equipment utilizes a vacuum's creation via the suction pad attached itself to the object being lifted. An electric-powered suction pump is used to create the vacuum allowing the suction pads to seal directly onto the object being lifted

  • The lifting tube is fixed in a cross-section area at approximately half the total cross-section area of the suction pad(s).

  • This value may vary slightly between manufacturers of equipment

  • The area ratio ensures that a sufficient instant vacuum is applied to the lift tube to lift the load or object. The gripping force using the suction pad attachment is therefore twice of the pack, and this, in turn, reduces the chances of the collection becoming detached and falling

  • The vacuum within the system can be varied using a hand-operated control valve, thereby raising and lowering the load in a controlled manner.

  • The control valve is fitted with a handle that ideally enables the load positioning with minimum effort.


  • Vacuum lifters are designed to make jobs much safer and efficient 

  • This time-saving product can do in seconds what would typically take several minutes for the traditional method to achieve; therefore, it is fast and reliable.

  • The mobile vacuum lifter allows one operator to do the job of several by eliminating or removing the need for excess crew, and this, in turn, increases saving money in reducing labour while making the job site safer.

  • Saves valuable production time, while conventional manual manipulation requires 2-3 employees, a vacuum lifting system allows a single person to take over the job.

  • They protect workers from accidents, spine injury, and sprains as it offers safe hazard risks and is put on a check.

  • They allow you to carry, transport, and fit safely and efficiently glass plates in the production area and construction sites or industries.

  • It is ergonomic and safe for both operator and load and as well ideal for high-speed order picking and warehouse lifting operations. 


  • Mobile vacuum lifters are composed of a battery and can be said to be battery-operated and battery-powered.

  • Easy to handle, and the handling operation and installation is fast and safe

  • It is versatile and can be helpful in a wide range of different applications varying from the glass industry, windows, furniture, façade elements, stone slabs, motor vehicle sector, load securing, metalworking, and a lot more

  • It has a unique mobile particular application and unique solution feature

  • It can be manipulated for use on all standard pallet trucks and forklifts

  • It is automatic therefore functions on it has automated handling solutions which take fully automated process and steps 

Finally, it is essential to note that vacuum lifting equipment should be operated only by competent persons who have been adequately trained in the safe usage of equipment and equipped in the finding of any risk assessment. This training should cover emergency arrangements, location, operation of equipment controls, potential danger from vacuum lifting equipment, and specific instructions on safe use issued by the manufacturer, scheme for examination, maintenance requirements, and system for recording and reporting defects. The user must abide by the manufacturer's instructions for the regular inspection and maintenance of vacuum lifting equipment for effective and proper functioning.

mobile vacuum lifter
How to use Mobile Vacuum Lifter