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The Function of Veribor Sucton Cup

A vacuum suction cup is sealed against a surface, and the air is squeezed out of the cup with a low-pressure region which is created inside the suction area. Suction cups offer endless possibilities for lifting and gripping, which can be manual or automated in handling. Before coming to an understanding and functions of the Veribor suction cup, let’s explore what a Veribor suction cup is.


Veribor vacuum cups are known worldwide for their quality and reliability. They are suitable for lifting and maneuvering all materials with airtight surfaces like glass, plastic, metal, coated wood, and marble. Veribor products are developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany, safe and certified with a GS sign and attention particularly paid to safety. They make life much easier when it comes to handling large objects. All Veribor products are said to be tested and certified to be of high-quality standards.

The Veribor plastic suction lifter in its redesigned form now offers and as well improves carrying comfort due to an extended gripping area. The newly developed Veribor suction cup is equipped with a designed rubber pad that does not roll up during transport. This suction lifter is suitable for all materials with flat and airtight surfaces, is also available with stainless steel components as an option. 

This new handle, coated with slip-resistant rubber, prevents the hand from slipping while working with the suction lifter. To lift an object using the Veribor Suction Cup requires the object to be placed on a flat, non-porous surface and apply pressure on the cups before pulling the lever down to create a vacuum.

You must know the Veribor suction cup has different types and features; it is of value to know this before considering their functions.


       Single lever suction

Single lever suction provides a simple solution for handling problems. When the lever is activated, the vacuum is created by increasing the hollow space between the transporting material and the suction pad. It also combines high-quality synthetic material with a good aluminum body

        Double lever suction

With the double lever suction cup, there is a fasten grip on any non-porous surface, and it makes moving, lifting, and transferring of objects faster. It has a load capacity of up to 200Ib and can be referred to sometimes as twin suction cups. Providing a maximum holding power for placement and also quick removal of items

        Triple suction cup metal

The triple suction metal is another way to refer to the three lever suction cup ideal for lifting or movement of heavy load, which cannot be done with a single or double lever. It gives a combined parallel lifting capacity to users. The lever activates vacuum cups, and the triple suction cups provide a stable condition when handling or lifting materials. Recommendable for materials such as glass, plastic, metal, coated woods, and others.


  •         Veribor suction cups have a good grabbing force which enhances its uses in grabbing almost any surface with ease

  •         It can be used to affix objects to non-porous surfaces, and it is suitable for a wide range of surfaces ranging from airtight surfaces to large curved surfaces

  •         It is as well useful for a safe grip and a very high carrying comfort which in turn reduces the daily transport problem encountered in handling objects

  •         Used for easy proper positioning of materials in no time and using the safest possible methods

  •         Useful to move large smooth objects such as panes of glass, automobiles windscreens, and raised floor tiles

To know some of the advantages of using a Veribor suction cup, here are some.


  •         The plate body and handle have high-quality aluminum alloy, which is strong and durable. 

  •         High-quality rubber sucker base with a strong suction force. 

  •         Highly improved products that work efficiently with a low-risk level 

  •         Wear-resistant rubber base, export quality assurance.

  •         Manufactured with unique precision with long-lasting qualities


  •         Suction cups can be cleaned with soap, warm water, and a soft brush. It can also be dried in the room.

  •         Using surface-active solvent combine with mechanical processing is the best solution in cleaning suction cups.

  •         The use of vinegar-based cleaning products or sharp objects, metals brushes, or abrasive power paper is not advisable to be used as a means of cleaning suction cups.

  •         It is important to keep in mind that suction cups should be rinsed with clean water to wash off residues.

  •         The part connected with rubber and metal can be cleaned by using a mixture of ethanol and glycerin at a ratio of 10:1

  •         After storage for a long period of time spanning between 6 – 8 months, little quantity of soda bicarbonate solution can be used to clean up suction cups.


In other to improve on the cleaning of Veribor suction cups, it is important to ensure it is stored in good condition for further usage. Therefore, there is a need to check out how to store suction cups properly

  •         Suction cups have to be stored in a closed place 

  •         Mechanical stress can cause damage to the suction cups; therefore, they should not be store too close to forces that can damage their usage

  •         Other substances such as solvents, fuels, lubricants, chemicals, acids, disinfecting agents should not be stored close to suction cups or in the same place with suction cups                guarantee to save keeping measures and to prevent any form of damage, either heavy or light.

Finally, Veribor suction cups are well known and proven to be a good and durable lifter design for the purpose of transporting and aiding movement and having a low risk of accident or damage during use. It is easy to maintain at a low cost as well as serving a wide range of purposes. It is not limited to commercial use. It can as well be used in industrial constructions well handled and manage and can be accessed with no cause for alarm.

The Function of Veribor Sucton Cup