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Qualities of a Good Grabo Lifter

A vacuum lifter is a device used to transport a variety of products within a set area. It is helpful for the movement of both delicate and heavy objects. The Grabo lifter is under the classification of a vacuum lifter but with unique features and advancement in its production. Considering the qualities of a good Grabo lifter, you must know what a Grabo lifter is. Further learning on how to use and maintain a Grabo lifter is an advantage.


A Grabo lifter is a portable electric vacuum lifter that makes lifting a heavy object easy with a mechanical pressure gauge and a protective rubber cover. The Grabo vacuum lifter is an advanced invention on vacuum lifters. The handle vacuum assists lifting. Grabo lifter is designed to reduce physical exertion, workload and to handle construction materials safely. Other uses include the use by cemetery workers to move heavy tombstones.

It is a revolutionary way to lift and handle furniture, glass, concrete, dry walls, plywood, and much more because of its invention in the power tool industry. It is designed for flooring professionals, glass installers, carpenters, movers, and construction workers. Grabo can be used alongside auxiliary lifting straps to enable movement and transport of home appliances, boxes and entertainment systems lifting to 375lbs. This lifting technology transforms the way heavy lifting and cumbersome moving and installation tasks are being performed. The Grabo can work well on surfaces, including a porous surface that allows air to travel by creating a vacuum cavity. it works by constantly pumping out air at a rate that is greater than the rate of air leaking through the material or object


  • The Grabo lifter, an electric vacuum lifter, is a material handling game changer available in two formats. They are, the standard format and plus format; the plus format model features an integrated pressure gauge with the following:

  • It is adhesion to the rough surface, and as such, can grab almost any surface, either wet, dry, uneven, or porous surfaces. This capability enables it to create a seal with the majority of patterned tiles, pavers, and construction materials

  • It can handle patterned glass, diamond pattern steel, drywall, and any other surface object that other lifters are unable to handle        Advanced than other lifters, the Grabo saves time and cost, making it a time and cost-efficient lifter.

  • It is a cordless suction cup lifting device that uses an electric vacuum pump to operate and achieve a high level of suction.

  • It can be handy when fixing large-format tiles and also efficient in the handling of tiles that have been back-buttered or primed.

  • It has each lifter unit supplied and ready to use as a battery pack is provided, a replacement foam seal, charging battery lead, and this is available in a compact plastic carry case.


The electric Grabo lifter is easily operated. It has two buttons, a green one for simple on and off operation of the vacuum pump then a red button for quick release of the suction pad. Power is supplied from a 14.8v L-ion battery pack that can last the lifter 1.5 hours of use and takes about 2 hours to charge. It needs to be picked correctly and placed on the surface having a firm grip before lifting. Checking of the pressure gauge on your Grabo and making sure there is accurate conversion pressure values can be calculated and should be checked when getting set for operation.


  •   It must contain a good battery capacity that can serve the accurate time for its usage.

  •   Each Grabo is marked with a serial number and must be individually tested for strength and pressure before use

  •   It must be able to work well on any surface for it is designed to serve such function; therefore, a good Grabo lifter must work well on porous and non-porous, rough and smooth,      dry and wet surfaces

  •   It has a good Parallel holding capacity which varies depending on the object, such as glass:120kg, metal:110kg, plastic: 100kg, wood:65kg ceramic tiles 120kg, dry wall:65kg and    among others

  •   Included in its package must be a battery, battery charger, suction replacement plate, and lifting belt

  •   It must not be like other suction lifters that cannot hold materials on the porous surface, for this is a unique character own by the Grabo lifter alone

  • One of the primary means of maintaining a Grabo lifter is checking on the rubber foam seal and replacing the rubber foam seal. Do you want to know how to replace the rubber foam seal, here are the steps 


  • Grabo's double foam seal is a patented soft-sealing system with the design sealing rough, uneven surfaces as well as provide high friction and strong adhesion to many different 

  • The seal should be checked regularly and replaced if they happen to be worn out or visibly damaged

  • To replace, remove the rubber foam seal that has become worn out or damaged by pulling 

  • it out of its niche using a flat screwdriver or knife to pull the seal out from its plastic base carefully

  • Removing the black foam will likely cause it to tear; therefore, there is a need to be careful

  • Gently press the new rubber foam seal into position, ensuring that it fits snuggly and securely

  • Maintenance measures should be applied in the Grabo lifter's safekeeping, although it has a high number of unique features as an excellent electric vacuum new and adequate design.

In conclusion, artisans and workers in all spheres love to use the Grabo lifter with unique qualities embedded. It makes a great quality tool and provides the best possible makeup safe and secure when appropriately handled. Grabo needs to worry about science; all that is required to be known is that the Grabo is designed to work well on some of the most common porous materials in the industry and do its work successfully.

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Qualities of a Good Grabo Lifter