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Instructions on how to use Tile Suction Lifter

A tile lifter is the equipment used in lifting, moving, and also removal of floor tiles. This is an easy-to-use method developed from using two hands in moving, removing, or lifting floor tiles. Floor tile suction lifter exists as a form of tile lifter with a suction cup fixed with it. The suction pads can be made with natural rubber with a good lifting capacity and durability and can be single, double, triple, and as well quadruple. The tile suction lifter comprises various types with different unique features, and they are commonly hand-operated, although they can as well be operated on a hoist.

Do you know it is of great importance to be aware of the types of tile suction lifters alongside their functions and the uses of tiles suction lifters, including some other special uses, before learning how to you one? Here is a way to know.


Floor tile suction lifters can be categorized into these three major forms. They are; speedy hire tile lifter, medium-duty tile lifter, and heavy-duty tile lifter. Here are some of the best seven-tile suction lifter one can use and their features. They all fall under any of the three major categories aforementioned.

•        The Heavy-duty double panel lifter is specifically designed to lift concrete-filled access floor panels, and the suction cups are replaceable. It comes with a solid aluminium die-cast handle and works on high-pressure laminate; however, its load capacity is a little low.

•        The Abaco 8 inch is another good suction lifter with a unique suction cup and tough, lightweight plastic body with a hand-actuated spring balanced pump. It is designed to lift stone tiles and slabs; the suction is activated by pressing down on the centre of the knob.

•        The Cosmos heavy-duty aluminium double is ideal for lifting glass, handling sheet metal, and even pulling dents. It has substantial weight and feel and comes with a cable tie, and also has a 220-pound lifting capacity.

•        The DAMO vacuum is a technologically advanced model with several helpful features that include a red line indicator and a release valve lever. This is s professional-grade quality in it that enables a quick attachment to surfaces and comes with a built-in check valve.

•        The Toolocity ASVC8858B1 is a good suction lifter with one of the strongest suction cups, which gives less stress in transporting heavy items. It features 8-inch diameter cups, a quick-release lever, and it comes with a plastic carrying case.

•        The FastCap HOD Double is one of the best suction lifters as well, with a design to reduce strain on the back and still to offer a load capacity of 200 pounds. It delivers a high-performance suction, it fastens to any non-porous surface, and its suction pads will not leave any mark.

•        The CRL Sure-Grip 8 inches ranking top among the best tile suction lifters and provides a more comfortable hold during lifting, and is quality approved by third-party labs. It has great features, which include micro pads on the handle to prevent slips, and this makes moving fragile items a bit less intimidating, also a built-in vacuum loss indicator. 


Floor tile suction lifters are specially designed in different forms to ease the difficulty encounter during tile works. Here are some of its uses. You also know some special uses aside from tile works

•        Handling and lifting heavy or fragile items in a safer and more efficient way is as well comfortable.

•        Suction lifters can be used for both commercial and industrial lifting operations and constructions.

•        For the construction industry, they are used in moving large, smooth objects such as glass panes, fixtures that include kitchen countertops and floor tiles.

•        They have load carrying capacity, although this is dependent on the type, size, and a number of suction cups and also the mechanism used in lifting.

•        Some other uses of suction lifter aside other uses are it can also pull dents out of car panels as well, and this is not a commonly known. 

•        They are best used against very flat and smooth surfaces but are not limited to this because it can be configured to lift other shapes and curves although this can make it maintenance more difficult.


Use a tile suction lifter is not difficult. First of all, one must make sure the suction lifter is in good condition for use and is completely clean, free from dirt. To use a suction lifter depends on what you are using it for, but there are few general steps to take, such as;

•        Press the centre of each suction cup all the way down, firmly holding the tile surface

•        Keep firm pressure and hold for about fifteen to thirty seconds

•        Gently release the pressure until all the air bubbles inside are released, and a vacuum is created to firmly seal cups to the surface

•        Then lift and move to the appropriate destination or fix correctly.

•        Petroleum jelly can be applied on walls or surfaces to enhance suction before applying pressure on the suction cup.


•        Scrub the surface of the suction cup after use with a household cleaner in order to remove dirt from it, rinse and dry carefully

•        Rinsing the suction cup under warm water and then shaking it off to remove excess water.

•        Suction lifters should be carefully cleaned up and place in a safe condition for further use

•        Using of tile suction lifters on rough texture surface should be minimal because it makes maintaining it more difficult

•        Lower atmospheric pressure can also make it more difficult to stick to surfaces.

In conclusion, tile suction lifters are less dangerous and more advisable to use for both commercial and industrial construction works. They are easy to learn and affordable depending on the type of suction lifter. They make work easier, faster, and more convenient with lesser risks.  

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