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Hardscaping is a part of landscaping that involves the use of hard landscape materials being incorporated into the environment before the commencement of soft landscaping (I.e., planting of flower beds, shrubs, etc.). Hardscaping helps to prevent vacuum flooding because of the way it's built which is to move water during rainfall. Hardscape materials include stones, slabs, pavers, etc. One of the most important equipment used in hardscaping is the lifter paver. This equipment is also construction equipment since hardscaping is part of construction. 

A vacuum paver lifter is construction equipment used to move and install heavy objects such as large slabs, concrete pavers, steps, stones, etc. The most important feature of a vacuum paver lifter is the suction cup and as the name implies it utilizes the creation of a vacuum to attach itself to the object it is placed on which is then lifted. 

The importance of a vacuum paver lifter

Technology has made construction easy through the invention of different construction equipment for different purposes. This different equipment is needed for different reasons. For a vacuum paver lifter, why it is needed include;

For the safety and health of construction workers

Without the use of the equipment, manual moving and laying of heavy objects like concrete pavers, slabs, etc. can affect the health of the workers due to unnecessary bending and can cause fatigue, heart problems to mention a few which will in turn lead to shortage of workers thereby prolonging construction work.

For efficient and good work quality 

The use of vacuum paver lifter on a construction site will make the work faster, easier and reduce fatigue in workers. The equipment also helps in perfect placement and arrangement of pavers to make the quality of your work stand out.

If there's shortage of labor

The use of equipment can help make work faster and easier thereby replacing the absent labor. Laying and moving heavy pavers is a backbreaking job that keeps most employees from construction site which reduces labor. The use of this equipment will boost labor work, retain employees and draw them in and even make it less tempting for employees to leave which then makes work easier.

Maintenance of vacuum paver lifter

To keep equipment up and running, it is of utmost importance that maintenance be done regularly. There is preventive maintenance and routine maintenance.

Routine maintenance

It involves everyday maintenance like cleaning the equipment, lubricating by following manufacturer guidelines, thorough inspection, good storage, etc.

Preventive maintenance

As the name implies, this is done to prevent future problems or hazards. It involves extensive maintenance and this helps to improve the equipment. 

The benefits of preventive maintenance


  • It makes the equipment last longer for effective use

  • The breakdown of the equipment might cause unavailability if it is the only one you have. Preventive maintenance helps keep your equipment healthy and available for use.

  • It also helps you avoid incurring repair expenses 

  • An equipment in good working condition helps boost confidence in your work. Preventive maintenance ensures that!

  • Safety is assured in preventive maintenance. The equipment can break down at any time and may injure the employee using it if it is not well maintained

The use of vacuum paver lifter involves the suction of air to get it attached to the object e.g. pavers. Therefore, if it's not operated correctly, you might be at risk! Here are some guidelines to help you navigate a vacuum paver cleaner;

1. Before starting work, check the condition of the equipment by testing it to know if it's suitable for use and if not, the right person should be notified and the equipment should be marked to avoid being used by someone else.

2. Practice safe lifting by testing with a smaller object before moving to heavier objects.

3. Always alert other employees when operating the equipment for safety purposes.

4. You should under no circumstance bend to pass under the load after it has been attached to the equipment to avoid accident.

5. The load should also not be left attached to the equipment unattended because the vacuum paver lifter might get faulty due to mechanical problems and it can be dangerous for anyone around the area.

6. You can either buy a vacuum paver lifter or hire one. Doing any of this is based on your finance. There are basic tips to follow when buying or hiring this equipment.

Tips to follow

Before you buy or hire a vacuum paver lifter, make research on the company you want to buy or rent from either online or offline i.e. ask close people around you that knows about the equipment, check for good and popular brands or brands with good reviews. This will go a long way;

  • Ask the company if there is a guarantee on the equipment and for what duration. Also ask if they have a return policy, this also helps in hiring of the equipment

  • Test the equipment before buying or hiring to check for any mechanical problems.

  • The closeness of the company to your work site is also important before hiring for easy access, quick delivery, etc. 

  • One advantage of hiring is easy access to newly upgraded equipment with latest technology. It will be quite hard to keep buying upgraded equipment every time to prevent excessive spending and financial strain.

  • The only negativity to either buying or hiring is the price. There are different kinds and size of vacuum paver lifters. While some are small and less expensive, some are quite expensive which can put a financial strain on the buyer. Hiring for a small construction work is less expensive but too much hiring causes accumulation of rental expenses especially if the construction work is on a large scale. This also puts financial strain on the hirer.


Possessing the right equipment will help you complete your project faster, make your work efficient and reliable. It also improves your work quality, retain your employees and keep them happy and in good health and also boost your financial status. Investing in a vacuum paver lifter may actually save your life!

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