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All you need to know about slab lifter hire

Being a construction worker is a very hard and tedious job to do especially if you do labor work; one of which includes lifting of heavy block pallets or slabs. Some workers move slabs by using wheelbarrows or carry them manually, which can be strenuous and dangerous. That is why slab lifters are designed for this purpose and more. A slab lifter is construction equipment designed to move heavy slabs such as granite, stone, and marbles of different sizes and weights on site. This ensures minimum work; increases work site safety and also ensures safe handling of materials. 


Hiring a slab lifter

Now, if you think it is too expensive to own, do not worry! It is available for hire at a more convenient and cheaper rate.

Slab lifter hire is a form of loaning out slab lifter equipment to individuals or construction personnel to reduce the stress of carting equipment, to help solve the financial stress of buying one, avoid the stress of repair and maintenance, etc. Hiring a slab lifter requires little skill or effort. It is quite easy to obtain and furthermore into this article, you will learn pretty much the pros and cons of hiring, requirements or steps required to hire.

Pros and cons of slab lifter hire

Hiring a slab lifter has its positive as well as negative attributes but it is safe to say it's advantageous to hire. 

Here are some pros of hiring;

  • You get to hire well maintained and dependable equipment. You might less likely be concerned with maintenance of the equipment if you own it but those that rent it out make sure it is inspected regularly before use.

  • Rental equipment features latest technology. Imagine hiring equipment with the latest technology features. You know technology evolves just like every other thing in life, who has the financial capacity to buy a new slab lifter whenever a new feature is added or upgraded, well, some do but you don't have the luxury so, why don't you just hire. You get to enjoy latest technology without spending much and also enjoy the benefit it brings.

  • When you rent a slab lifter, service and maintenance cost are eliminated because the rental company will be responsible for any repairs that need to be done. 

  • How often will the equipment be used? If you are the type that hardly makes use of this equipment or uses it for a short period of time, it would not make sense to buy to prevent incurring expenses as a result of consistent maintenance and repairs and all sorts of expenses.

  • If you intend to buy a slab lifter, you can rent it to test its power, carrying capacity, duration of use, etc. and also check out the one with the latest technology before buying. This gives you the knowledge on them and preferences on what you want.

  • It helps to solve depreciation. Like any other equipment, a slab lifter gets depreciated with time due to equipment upgrade. Therefore, hiring this equipment allows you the privilege to use latest technology without thinking of equipment depreciation.

The con of hiring;

  • The con of hiring occurs when work needs to be done on a long-term basis or if it involves a large scale construction site. This leads to increase in cost of hiring and in this situation, it is sensible to buy the equipment rather than incur unnecessary expenses.

Requirements for hiring a slab lifter

  • As an individual or a construction company in need of slab lifter hire, the following are the criteria required to hire;

  • Find a good company

  • Know the maintenance availability

  • Know the equipment reliability

  • Know the return and billing policies

  • How to find a good hiring company

  • Finding a good company requires research. Research can be done online by checking companies with great reviews or by asking people close to you like your friends, family, co-workers or neighbors. 

  • The next thing to do is to know the proximity of the company to wherever you are for speedy delivery, easy access and also in case of emergency like equipment breakdown so as to get quick and easy replacement. A good company should be able to ensure this;

  • There are different types of slab lifters, so, the company's employees should be able to find the right type of equipment and also understand how to use them and how it works.

  • Training of hires on the proper use of the equipment to avoid accidents on site.

  • A good company should have a maintenance schedule. This helps to know how regular the equipment is repaired and maintained.

Here are some of the things that you also need to have in mind when choosing a company for slab hire; 

  • The maintenance availability

  • This is to know how frequent maintenance is done in the company to determine whether you want to hire from them or not and how quickly the equipment can be repaired when it breaks down.

  • Know the equipment reliability

  • Before hiring, it is important to know if the equipment you require is dependable and suitable for use. Research on the popular brands or brands with great reviews. Also, test the equipment in the company to check for any irregularities before hiring.

  • Know the return and billing policies

  • During the cause of usage, you might change your mind about the equipment and suddenly lose interest probably because you find a better one elsewhere. While some companies accept your decision to return the equipment and refund your money some do not.


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slab lifter hire
All you need to know about slab lifter hire