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Schmalz Vacuum Lifter – a production accelerator that works in the most safest and efficient condition


Schmalz Vacuum Lifter, with the aid of a vacuum, provides well-built modern crane systems whose components are made of Aluminum. These modern crane systems are built to work responsively and in the safest way.

Schmalz Vacuum Lifters work to achieve two major aims of the industry; Ergonomics and Efficiency. There is a strong belief that these two qualities can work relatedly and also act as a catalyst to productions.


Vacuum Lifters from Schmalz are categorized into two products; the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo and the vacuum lifting device VacuMaster. These vacuum lifters are masterfully and brilliantly designed to be versatile, thus, is applicable in numerous production processes. 

The innovative technology employed in the design of a Schmalz Vacuum Lifter has made it possible to create an injury free, safe and efficient environment. This is further expressed in the reduction of injury risks, less work fatigue and a boost in activeness of workers.



Vacuum Tube Lifter Jumbo

This is mainly used for a variety of intra-logistic materials handling tasks. These tasks include movement of loads weighing up to 300 kg in a frequency at a rapid cycle.

Vacuum tube lifter Jumbo is divided into three types; 

1. Vacuum tube JumboFlex which is used to move lighter loads weighing 50 kg ergonomically and at a high cycle frequency. It is a flexibly-designed device which allows loads to be lifted, moved and put down through the use of a one finger control system. It is also interesting to know that this Vacuum lifter possesses a series quick change adapter which allows the operator to switch between different suction cups simultaneously. This quality helps it to be adaptable to many tasks within a very short time.

2. Vacuum tube JumboSprint and JumboErgo are designed to move loads that weigh up to 300 kg. They only differ in terms of the operator handles which is designed to suit the needs of the user. The bow shaped operator handle of JumboSprint allows the operator to support loads which are accurately placed on compact workpieces while the operator handle of JumboErgo which resembles a motorcycle twist grip allows the operator to move workpieces accurately.

Vacuum tube Jumbo can store up to 40% of energy at a single touch of a button. This is because at the operation handle, the vacuum generator can be switched on and off by the optional radio remote control SRC. Also, the dust filter STF protects the vacuum generator from contamination and the sound level of the vacuum generator is decreased to 65db (A). These features makes the Vacuum lifter Jumbo a reliable device.

Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster

This is applicable in various production processes.

The vacuum lifting gadget VacuMaster is utilized assuming enormous or extremely hefty workpieces are taken care of with a vacuum lifter. In the standard form a differentiation is made between the VacuMaster Basic and VacuMaster Comfort.

 Both vacuum lifters empower loads of up to 750 kg to be dealt with securely and ergonomically. They vary as far as their working components: the lifting gadget VacuMaster Basic's working handle is described by its thorough standard arrangement that incorporates an engine security switch and a coordinated vacuum measure.

 The vacuum lifting gadget VacuMaster Comfort offers extra gear, for example, an incorporated air-saving capacity and solid arrival of the load. Normal to both vacuum lifters is the huge vacuum repository coordinated in the load shaft that keeps the load from falling over in case of an abrupt force disappointment. It additionally speeds up the admission of the load in continued lifting activities. The complete extras that Schmalz offers for its vacuum lifting gadgets ought not be thought little of. The discretionary turn and snap-in administrator handles empower huge stature contrasts to be survived and thus guarantees an ergonomic working position. Singular attraction plates of the vacuum lifter for taking care of workpieces with breaks are turned off, if vital, with the pull cutoff, and Schmalz offers a support free water separator for assurance against the entrance of water for wet cycles.

Various Application areas of Schmalz Vacuum Lifters

Schmalz vacuum lifters can be utilized in a wide range of utilization zones. Vacuum tube lifter Jumbo assists in tasks concerned with sheets, boxes, sacks, barrels, containers, or with taking care of traveling luggage at air terminals. The cylinder lifters are well known, especially in inward coordination measures in dispatch and picking measures. They lift loads of up to 300 kg  rapidly and ergonomically. 

Vacuum lifting gadgets VacuMaster from Schmalz are utilized to deal with metal sheets, wood or plastic sheets, barrels and windows and glass sheets. Substantial loads of up to 750 kg might be dealt with serenely and securely utilizing the lifting gadgets.

Ergonomics and Efficiency – the traits of a Schmalz vacuum lifter

Working environment ergonomics and representative efficiency are firmly connected. Individuals need help with taking care of burdens, particularly when these loads are moved physically. Schmalz Vacuum lifters make this conceivable. Our natural and simple-to-utilize vacuum lifters assist workers with diminishing the actual strain brought about by the many rehashed developments engaged with creation, gathering and coordination measures. 

This adds to improving representatives' wellbeing and permitting them to monitor energy. The quicker handling of materials made possible by these devices likewise speeds up material streams and prompts expanded efficiency.


Schwalz Vacuum Lifter is indeed a production accelerator which is very usable in many production processes due to its versatility.  As a result, it can be used in various industries for an efficient material stream. This vacuum lifter enables loads to be handled safely and easily, which has been beneficial to our customers. They have testified on how there has been a remarkable decrease in casualties, which has resulted in an ergonomic environment.

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