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Why you should grab this stone vacuum lifter that can answer all your problems –GRABO

Now, this is the more reason we need to talk about GRABO.

GRABO Stone Vacuum Lifter is an electric, cordless suction cup device that can lift as much as 170kg (375 lbs) stone slabs. It has a vacuum pump which provides an increased suction that glues it to any surface it comes into contact. This makes it a versatile tool that can help you speed up productivity in an unbelievable way.

What’s more? It is a hand-held device designed in such a way that its operation is readily learnt and so is very easy and safe to use at any time. The loads are moved closely to the body, which helps to relieve your spine and further prevents you from suffering back aches.

Because of its ability to dispense air from a surface at a rate greater than that with which the air surges through this surface, it can work really well on porous stone surfaces in a way any standard  suction cup device will fail to work.  Porous surfaces may include natural stone tiles, rock, wood, gypsum boards, concrete and they allow a great deal of air to pass through them.

Due to its versatility, GRABO Stone Vacuum Lifter can work on both porous and non-porous stone. Although, it is perfectly applicable to other surfaces like plasterboards, glass, checker plates, flagstones, work tops, drain covers, concrete pavers, textured tiles and glass, etc.

GRABO, inarguably, is the most powerful device since power grip drill and can be useful in carrying heavy stones safely and effectively, because of its high suction.

Mind-blowing performance, exciting results

This wonder device blends into any job at all and can be used particularly in carrying heavy stones whether rough, smooth, wet or dry. At construction sites where it is being used, it has transformed the way heavy stones are being moved, making the whole process less difficult for the workers.

Our excited customers have testified on how fast their big projects are being completed and how productivity levels have been flying on the highs, in a peculiar manner no device can perform. 

Stone lifting has never been easier until GRABO walked in

Before the advent of this power tool, numerous complaints have been laid on how difficult it has been to carry heavy stone slabs or sheets manually to a short distance, let alone a longer one.

This affected both the employer and the employed adversely in such a way it brought about a high cost of acquiring manual labor on the part of the employer and posed a lot of health challenges on the part of the employed. Predictably, it lead to numerous uncompleted construction projects and even if any was completed, it took forever for that to happen.


There was an increasing demand for a stone lifting solution that will be convenient, safe, affordable and flexible in any situation.  The good news, however, is that the introduction of GRABO Stone Vacuum Lifter has become a breath of fresh air for everyone. What was once a cumbersome situation became exciting.


The rate at which construction projects are now completed has been incredible, thanks to a reduced cost of labor and a more happy, healthy and willing workforce. There has been low records of injury risks and also, minimal damages to the load to be moved or to any surrounding load.

All these spectacular features have endeared it to construction professionals and use for removing and replacing stone slabs or sheets.


Want to know how it works?

  • GRABO Stone Vacuum Lifter is designed to be user-friendly and doesn’t require the skills of a pro before it can be employed. 

  • It possesses two buttons; A green button – a power button used to turn the vacuum pump on/off.

  • A red button – used for a quick release of the suction pad.

  • This device is not connected to any power source, which explains why it is interestingly mobile. Its power is supplied by a 14.8v Li-ion Battery pack. This battery takes just 120 minutes to charge and can last for 1.5 hours in active service. 

  • GRABO Stone Vacuum Lifter can also be used alongside a pick and carry mini crane or a spider crane to lift stone slabs safely to sustainable heights.

Amazing features

  • Available in two models; Standard and Plus models. The Plus model is an upgrade because of its integrated pressure gauge.

  • A lifter unit which includes two anchoring points for securing lifting straps which make it very convenient to carry heavier stone slabs or sheets for long distances. Guess what? These straps are provided for free!  Each lifter unit is readily available for use and has two battery packs (2 × 14.8v Battery packs).

  • Its dimensions are 297mm × 181mm × 155mm. This makes it very adaptable to both porous and polished surfaces.

  • Its pads are designed in such a way it can also carry irregular stones comfortably.

  • Battery charging lead which is readily supplied in a compact plastic enclosing case.

  • A flexible foam rubber seal at the bottom which creates a formidable adherence to uneven surfaces or any contour

  • A full year warranty


GRABO Stone Vacuum Lifter is more than just an answer to every problem faced with stone lifting processes, it is a life saver. Its vacuum pump which runs constantly has made it adaptable to every stone surface, hence, an increase in productivity. Best still, it has succeeded in creating a safe and healthy working environment.

stone vacuum lifter
Why you should grab this stone vacuum lifter that can answer all your problems –GRABO