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Benefits of glass lifting suction cups 



Suction lifters are a form of a suction cup that is used by constructors, and engineers for lifting operations. Most times, suction cups are used for lifting delicate or flexible materials such as glass panes, and fixtures such as floor tiles, kitchen countertops, and so on. Suction cups are commonly hand-operated although they can also be operated on a hoist. Suction cups follow the simple principle of maintaining a vacuum between the flexible cups and the surface to be lifted. In today's article, we would be talking about some of the innovative ways suction cups are being used in different environments. 

Top uses of suction cups 

Suction cups as you already know are a tool that uses negative air pressure to adhere to a non-porous surface. However, here are seven ways suction cups are being used. 

Fitting new windows 

Today, most windows are made with glass materials. Glass is often a sharp and fragile material. Moreover, when handling glass it can also be slippery especially when wet. Many professional window installers hardly ever fit new windows by carrying the glass with bare hands, but with glass lifting suction cups. Most of these glass lifting suction cups feature a built-in vacuum loss indicator. This indicator helps to minimize the chances of the glass breaking from too high pressure, or falling from too low pressure.  

Windscreen glass replacement 

Another area where glass lifting suction cups come in handy is in the automotive industry. Replacing car windscreens may not be as straightforward as you may have thought. To safely and efficiently replace the windscreen of your car, a certain amount of care and precision is needed. As such professionals opt-in to use a handheld glass lifting suction cup to lift the windscreen. This is because glass lifting suction cups not only allow you to safely carry the windscreen, but it gives professionals the conveniences to swivel the windscreen to match the design of your vehicle. Most glass lifting suction cups have been designed to lift a wide array of materials including curved glass surfaces. 

Window cleaning and maintenance 

You must have seen glass houses maintain their windows by hiring window cleaners either in movies or in your neighborhood. However, what you may not have noticed is that these window cleaners don't merely use soap and water, they also make use of handheld suction devices. Window cleaners are often hanging down a building on a rope. So, to move sideways or around an area of the building to clean, they make use of glass handheld suction devices. This device allows them to adhere to the glass so they can clean with convenience and carry out their work to a high-quality. These guys don’t use any glass suction device but one with a quick-release feature so they can easily stabilize themselves to carry out their work with ease. 

Film sets 

Have you ever wondered how movie directors manage to capture every action sequence in a movie? Well, by now it should have dawned on after knowing how glass lifting suction cups work that movie directors also make use of it to attach expensive video equipment to moving vehicles. After all, movie directors can’t simply drill holes in cars in order to attach cameras. But with suction cups, these cameras can be attached at desired points to capture the best scenes. And after the shot, the cameras can be removed leaving no dent or mark behind making it the best choice. 

Windscreen attachments 

There are glass lifting suction cups some people make use of to temporarily fix gadgets to the windscreen of their car. This is not unconventional as most of these gadgets can be quite useful. Most times, people attach gadgets like lights, radios, cameras, and navigation systems. When you come to think of it, without these suction devices, you may have opted-in to use a kind of glue. The disadvantage of using glue is that if for any reason you need to replace the device on your windscreen it wouldn't go off without leaving a mark, but this is not the case when you make use of suction devices. 

Wall hanger in bedrooms and bathrooms 

In today's interior designs, bedrooms and bathrooms come with smooth walls often made with tiles. Fixing things to the wall such as a wall hanger may not be quite challenging as nailing it to the wall may not be an option. A simple and easy solution is to make use of a suction device. These clever glass lifting suction cups will mean that you can avoid having to drill temporary holes into the walls, which can be often expensive to repair. Moreover, using a suction device improves the overall aesthetic of your bedroom or bathroom. 

Lifting large, heavy objects 

Large objects are difficult to carry, especially objects such as office furniture, fridges, or granite work surfaces. Often, carrying large, heavy objects such as this require several people, and several bumps on the way. However, handheld suction lifters that can support the weight of the object would without a doubt make transporting the object a lot easier. 


In conclusion, glass lifting suction cups are cool and highly useful devices for a wide range of applications. Though they are small in size and simple in operation, suction cups are indeed one of the best devices invented for professional workers. And with a little bit of planning, you can organize any space, transport delicate materials, amongst others with a few of these suction cups. What more, since suction cups are non-intrusive and inexpensive devices, they help to save tons of money in the process. 

glass lifting suction cups
Benefits of glass lifting suction cups