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Quality Vacuum Suction Cups for Glass Lifting

Every manufacturing and warehouse needs vacuum suction cups for glass movement. Not only does it prevent wastage through breakage, it also hastens workflow and movement. 

Heavy vacuum suctions are arranged with a boom arm, suction devices, and hook. We use a suction cup made with synthetic materials to lift glass objects. Various vacuum lifter models vary with battery capacity, lifting capacity, net weight, and working temperature. Our designs allow users to choose between controlling the vacuum pump manually, automatically, or remotely. Generally, workers can use our heavy vacuum lifters to move large objects like checker plates, concrete, natural stone, texture plates, metal, and ribbed glass.

You will discover how you can use your vacuum suction cups for glass as you read further.

What are Vacuum Suction Cups?

By definition, vacuum suction cups adhere to the surface of non-porous objects, using negative air pressure. Many of us would have used the suction cups to clear up space in our refrigerator, kitchen, or walls. Although vacuum suction cups do not only work for glass, a glass lifter happens to be an exciting solution. Vacuum suction cups seem popular in most supermarkets and houses. However, it’s interesting to let you know that new models are available in production and glass manufacturers.

How Do Vacuum Suction Cups Work?

When you use vacuum suction cups for glass, its bottom atmospheric pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure that surrounds the cup. It makes it possible for the cup to adhere to the object’s surface. Thus, the vacuum helps to remove excess air that may be present below the cup.

Our team of engineers designed various suction cup shapes that apply to specific surfaces. Hence, you must know your surface shape and the suitable suction cup that goes along with it. More so, target the vacuum suction cups at the center of the objects you are lifting. It ensures balance while moving the glass from a place to another.

Innovative Ways of Using the Vacuum Suction Cups

Knowing the meaning of Vacuum suction cups, you may wonder how to apply it for lifting or moving glass from one place to another. This article thereby provides answers for you.

Lifting Heavy Objects

Generally, vacuum suction cups are built to grab and lift heavy objects. Some furniture is too heavy for people to move around. Meanwhile, moving your loads up and down can be frustrating. Our vacuum suction is the magic you need in lifting that heavy object. 

Window Maintenance

For big organizations, they require a standard window cleaning method to maintain a quality glass material. Hence, cleaners use the suction cups to stabilize themselves without losing balance. It would enable you to carry out your work effectively.

Glass Replacement

Vacuum suction cups for glass are usable for your windscreen replacement. Our vacuum suction cups save time when replacing or fixing glasses, including your car windscreen. We have different models that are designed to lift various screen shapes.

Fixing Windows

You can use a vacuum suction for windows fitting. When fixing glass windows, you need to be careful of their sloppiness and sharp edges. Professional window fixers use a built-in vacuum lifter to prevent the glass from breaking or falling.

Aquarium Tanks

You can get vacuum suction cups when fixing your aquarium tank glass. Some aggressive fish tanks can break their tank glass when it’s not stable or tightly fixed. To avoid this, use a vacuum suction cup to lift and place your fish tank glass appropriately. Also, the suction cup will fix the glass silicon seal closely together. You can be sure the silicone seal will not loosen upon water penetration.


It’s interesting how you can use your vacuum suction cups for glass on a film set. Directors often use it on the film set to attach glass objects to moving vehicles. It’s better than fixing with hand-on moving vehicles since it reduces danger exposure.

Production Industry

Today, many producing industries use vacuum suction to move heavy objects around. When glasses are lying down, it is often difficult to lift them, considering their sharp edges. Hence, the lifting devices allow you to pick up a flat-lying heavy object easily.

Besides, vacuum suction cups are critical in the following industries; windows and doors, tile and floor, carpenters and woodworking, movers, and warehouse workers.


Why You Should Use The Vacuum Suction Cups for Glass

The vacuum suction cups are essential in large glass producing and small-sized sectors, including local manufacturers and houses. In flooring and landscaping, the vacuum suction cups for glass would help designers place the glass at appropriate places without missing the correct measurements. Also, it reduces accidental risk while working. Likewise, you can use it in your home. For instance, it would be a life-saving tool while packaging a broken window or door. There is no risk of hurting yourself or your loved ones while cleaning up.


Do you know you can register your GRABO product and become a GRABO insider with vacuum suction cups for glass? When you purchase a licensed GRABO vacuum suction glass, it expands your warranty period and gives you added advantage. Also, being a GRABO insider gives you access to our product updates and innovation news. Regularly, you can keep track of new ideas that would provide a solution to your glass fixing needs. With the help of our well-skilled and trained engineers, you are receiving the best vacuum suction products. Although you can use your vacuum suction glass to lift every heavy object, your body weight is not included. Hence, do not stay nor sit on it to increase its longevity and avoid casualty.

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