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Having issues with mobing heavy objects? This vacuum slab lifter is what you need!

Vacuum lifters are stress-saving carriers in every manufacturing or warehouse engagement, including vacuum slab lifters. It enables workers to transport or move heavy objects such as woods, drywall, concrete tiles, cobblestone, marble, cement tiles, and many others. We attach suction devices to the vacuum lifter, which allows it to stick to a surface. 

We tested our vacuum lifter models before launching for supply. Hence, our customers are not worried about machine failure or unexpected accidents during usage. During the test, we used the vacuum slab lifter to grip heavy blocks with thick materials. Although each design varies with battery level, voltage, power, lifting capacity, and charge hold, the minimum is suitable for almost every heavy object.

As you read further, you will discover the benefits of a vacuum slab lifter and why you need to own one from a reputable and quality manufacturer.

Benefits of Vacuum Slab Lifter

There are several reasons you need to utilize a vacuum slab lifter. One of the many main reasons is to lift heavy objects. The absence of chains in the vacuum slab lifter reduces downtime and hastens the transmission process. Likewise, it hastens workflow and reduces the risk of breakage or damage. 

Below are the benefits of vacuum slab lifter you should know:

Reduces user exposure to danger

Chains increase the likelihood of loss from its attached surface. In this case, workers are endangered. Whenever the chain loses, it may cause a disaster to the working environment. Hence, a vacuum is a replacement, which covers the former shortcomings.

Cost effective

Although the vacuum slab lifter is more expensive upon first purchase, it saves cost in the long run. It is economical and increases production speed. Thus vacuum slab lifter helps to reduce the production cost of the industry. 

Improves professionalism

In flooring and landscaping, a vacuum slab lifter improves work accuracy and precision. It enhances flexibility and improves strength in a working team.


Things You Must Consider in Choosing Vacuum Slab Lifter

Surface texture

Considering the surface texture of your object is critical in choosing a suitable vacuum lifter. There are various models available with different lifting capacities. Often, most vacuum lifters work best for smooth surfaces and soft textures. However, we have built-in vacuum slab lifters that can work for porous and rough surfaces.

Oily or Non-Oily surface

You need to pay attention to any lubricant that may appear on the glass surface. Some slab lifters are resistant to lubricant surfaces, while others are not. 

Vacuum slab lifter design

Some materials, such as styrene plastics and glass, may retain slab lifter prints on them. Hence, this article recommends a slab lifter with no design to avoid leaving marks on your object.

Surface and Vacuum slab temperature

When your vacuum slab lifter temperature is closer to the surface temperature, it increases adherence. Also, when you attach both to each other at room temperature, you will achieve a great result.

Weight and Size

It’s wise to know your object weight before choosing a vacuum slab lifter. We have various models that work with different object sizes. Our Nemo GRABO can lift 375 Lbs(170 kg), GRABO PRO-LIFTER would lift 375 Lbs(170 kg), and GRABO H would lift 330 Lbs (150 kg).

Where to Use Vacuum Slab Lifter

You can apply vacuum slab lifter scientifically, industrially, or in mechanical devices. These are;

  • Hydraulic brakes

  • Sewage disposals

  • Radio-surgery or radiotherapy in medicine

  • Plastic and glass molding

  • Floor construction

  • Window maintenance and repair

  • Wall fixation

  • Flight instruments

What is New?

Having stated the benefits of vacuum slab lifter, you may wonder what is new about us or what our company brings on board? Our latest Nemo GRABO classic version (2021) has a protective rubber cover, extra batteries, extra seal, and mechanical pressure gauge. Do you worry about how to use our vacuum slab lifter? It comes with an easy-to-read manual that contains a detailed guide on what you need. With this, you can operate the vacuum lifter with little or no previous knowledge. Also, its package includes a tough canvas carry bag that allows for easy movement. Although a vacuum lifter works best with smooth surfaces, we developed new models that can allow you to lift rough, dusty, or porous surfaces with little or no stress.

Over the years, we have developed customized vacuum tools for the US governments and standard organizations. Our team of well-skilled engineers implements faster and cost-effective solutions. The first model we launched into the community and local organizations was waterproof. It provided a strong production and reputation for our products.

The difference in our offer is the uniqueness of our vacuum slab lifter designs. In contrast to the old lifting tools, we provide innovative solutions to industries producing heavy objects. Each model has an extra battery and well-packed charger that makes it readily available for use. These new models replace the older and less safe chains and hooks. 

With us, you can register your licensed GRABO product and become a GRABO insider. What does this mean? This opportunity is rarely available for most vacuum lifting products out there. When you register your purchased product from a licensed dealer with us, you receive an additional warranty and added benefits. Also, becoming our insider means you would receive innovations and updates about our products. The updates would keep you on track and save you the stress of figuring out how to settle your lifting-related problems.


We provide a minimum of one year warranty for our products. Our years of experience have helped us build a trusted and long-lasting relationship with our customers. Many producing industries need to work with the vacuum slab lifter. Essential industries include tile and floor, windows and doors, carpenters and woodworking, movers, warehouse workers, and many others. Check our reviews, and see great results from past and present users.


vacuum slab lifter
Having issues with mobing heavy objects? This vacuum slab lifter is what you need!