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Best Vacuum Lifting Equipment for Stone and Pavers

The era of clamps and straps faded away a very long time ago. We are now in a new era in which vacuum lifting equipment has taken over many things. Do you want to enjoy the ease of installation and use, and well as safety and efficiency, or maybe you would like to simply make things a lot easier for your workers? The vacuum lifting equipment is what your business needs to achieve this with much ease.

Most businesses and companies are currently short on staff and could use extra manpower to continue with different daily activities. With this equipment, you won’t have to suffer a shortage of manpower because it will help you fill the gap. All you need to do is purchase the right device that can help you fill the gap and meet your needs in the nearest future.

Are you wondering why we are emphasizing vacuum lifting equipment alone? That is due to so many reasons. It goes beyond addressing the shortages you are currently experiencing. There are so many other reasons why the vacuum lifting equipment is what you need, and here’s a few good reasons:

Health and Safety: Vacuum lift equipment is a profitable investment for companies and their workers. With this equipment, you can easily lift heavier objects with much ease, and what’s more is that you will not hurt yourself in the process. You can also use the equipment to safely move items from one place to another, especially during the installation of larger materials.

Quality and Efficiency: Consider using the vacuum lift system if you want to improve your job delivery efficiency. The device will make it a lot easier for you to complete different tasks without hassle. With this device, you can now install slabs, natural stone, steps, and walls with much ease.


Also, these devices are known for their ability to improve the overall quality of work and the efficiency they promise. They offer a much easier way to pick up and drop items as you desire.

Labor Shortage: We have emphasized this earlier on. Many businesses experience labor shortages, but with this device, you can easily focus other staff on other pressing assignments while the device handles lifting heavy materials.

Using Vacuum Lifters to Lift Different Materials

The materials you will come across are either non-porous or porous in nature, and vacuum lifters are designed differently, depending on what they are intended to lift. However, this article focuses on using vacuum lifters for slabs, natural stone, steps, and pavers. It is important to note that there are also vacuum lifters that are suitable for materials we have not mentioned.

There are usually two types of concrete materials, especially in the hardscape industry. They include the wet cast and the dry cast materials. For the wet cast materials, air or water cannot flow through them because their production processes have made them to be highly non-porous. Dry casts on the other hand are generally porous, and all this should be considered when selecting a vacuum lift system.

Are you wondering how to spot the differences between them? All you need to do is to analyze their surfaces. Surfaces that are smooth and without pockets are likely to be wet cast, while surfaces that have noticeable pores or air pockets are likely to be porous. You can also use their texture to identify the products. Wet cast products are mostly molded in texture, unlike dry cast.

Vacuum Lift Systems

Vacuum lifting equipment is now available in different forms because of their increased demands overtime. Today, there are smaller sizes of this device, and they are designed to be used on steps, slabs, and pavers. What’s certain nowadays is that there’s a vacuum lifter that can handle any type of installation process with ease.

Today in the market, small handheld vacuum lifters are suitable for non-porous materials and other similar products. You can use one hand to handle these pieces to aid the installation process, especially when you place them on a natural stone to not hurt your fingers.

Another form of vacuum lifters that is increasingly becoming popular is battery-powered vacuum lifting equipment. You can use this device for both porous and non-porous materials. That makes them an ideal option for people who deal with natural stone and pavers regularly. The device will help to speed up the whole process and also improve safety and efficiency.

In addition to these smaller units, there are also larger units that are usually attached to very big machines. These larger units are perfect for larger items, especially the non-porous ones. You conveniently use them to lift larger pieces like steps, natural stones, and ore. The aim is to make the whole process as easy as possible.

There are so many different options to choose from in the market, and it often becomes difficult to make the right choices when buying vacuum lifting equipment. However, the best thing to do is to research the available options before you arrive at your decision.


Vacuum lifting equipment has changed many things, especially when it comes to handling large items and delicate products like glass. These devices are designed differently and can be used on different surfaces. The ideal lifting equipment to select will depend on different factors, among which includes porosity, size, and texture of the surface.


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Best Vacuum Lifting Equipment for Stone and Pavers