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Glass Suction Lifter: Lifting the Ergonomic Way

Glass can be heavy depending on its size and shape. Nobody enjoys lifting heavy items mainly because of the stress involved and the possibility of causing disaster. Heavy items are subject to the more gravitational pull from the earth, which is why they tend to be hard to lift. You don’t want to lift a glass, only to crash everything on the ground.

To avoid any unwanted disaster, the best thing will be to apply the right suction lifter and the right suction cup. This should be done before any lifting process, and the best way to do this is by utilizing ergonomic lifting devices.

Prevention is always better than cure

You are probably already familiar with the word ergonomic. This is something that has been practiced for a very long while now. Its use dates back as long as possible, and it all started with toolmakers in Greece who knew the importance of ensuring that tools are always fit for the benefits of the people using them.

When it comes to lifting glass, the glass suction lifter is the perfect definition of ergonomic. That is because they are designed to increase safety and reduce the occurrence of injury, whether induced by accident or during the handling of the equipment.

New tools meet standards

A growing trend with most construction industries nowadays is the adoption of glass suction lifters for the ergonomic lifting of glass or other similar heavy materials and large objects. Whether it’s glass for doors, vehicles, or for windows, the devices can do the job effectively and safely. These suction devices utilize vacuum, and maintaining the vacuum between the lifting tools and the object being lifted is among the important things to ensure.

Are you wondering how the vacuum is maintained in these devices? It’s pretty easy and achieved with the help of non-return valves. This is very important, especially in cases of system or power failure. The vacuum will still be maintained with this feature in place. In some cases, a vacuum tank is usually employed, and even though this may be a straightforward and easy solution, the tank must be of considerable size for it to work well. Ensuring things can increase the financial burden, which is why people usually avoid it.

The best alternative to the use of tanks remains the non-return valves which are also called the check valves, and it provides a robust seal that protects the vacuum, especially if there’s a system or sudden failure. It is worth mentioning that the valves can be integrated into the system or fitted externally. Integrated solutions are usually preferred because they are generally cleaner and will also save space. They are also cost-effective, unlike the externally fitted valves.

Another benefit of the integrated and decentralized vacuum system is that they are generally secure compared to the centralized and externally fitted systems.

Double Lip Suction Cups

This is a newly developed feature, and it’s actually an extra-large and flat suction cup. The structure is designed mainly to handle large glass panes, whether it has a concave surface or a flat surface. Also, it is available in different diameters, but usually, between 150 to 300 mm. These cups are equipped to function in the best possible ways. They have a nice friction feature that is tailored to handle glass sheets and even metal sheets. The friction is to prevent the glass sheet from slipping off. What’s more, is that you can use this feature of greasy or wet surfaces.

For enhanced safety, there is a double lip design that acts as a barrier. This is to protect the inner lip and the outer lip further and prevent them from getting torn, cut, or damaged, but unwanted consequences.

Nitrile-PVC rubber is used in designing these suction cups, and the interesting thing is that it leaves no mark on the surface of the glass. Imagine using a 100%mark-free material like this one.

The cups also feature controls and indicators, which act as ergonomic features. With that, operator can easily and quickly monitor the lifter and ensure that the vacuum level it is operating with is the ideal level. That is why most suction cups are fitted with vacuum switches and gauges. The vacuum levels must always be indicated correctly. Another important feature is the signaling system that alerts and provides warnings, especially when the vacuum level is low.

Low-Pressure Check Valves

The release mechanism is also another key thing that will ensure accuracy and safe operation. This mechanism needs to be efficient and respond quickly. In general, check valves are used to protect the vacuum from returning to the pneumatic valves. To ensure that the check valves function properly, they are set at lower pressures. That will also help to ensure that the system can open fully, especially after it has been released.


Glass suction filters are one of the effective devices that is now employed by construction companies. They are good for lifting glasses of any weight, shape, and size. They help to increase safety and promote efficiency. What’s more is that these devices are ergonomically designed.

Another amazing thing about these devices is that they boast of being 99% energy saving. Thanks to the features that reduce air consumption.


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