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Glass Vacuum Lifter Can Make Construction More Productive

Construction equipment is always used in moving materials like concrete slabs, large pipes, glass, and other delicate materials. The typical method used in moving these materials involved chains, slings, and ropes that may be tied to the materials. However, with the introduction of vacuum lifting technology, things are changing and becoming much better. That's mainly because they are faster and safer.

Benefits of Vacuum

Vacuum lifting systems work with very simple principles. It is similar to the operation that is adopted in most packaging processes involving picking and placing items. However, most glass vacuum lifters are on a large scale. There are so many benefits to enjoy from these systems, which you won’t get with conventional systems.

The first benefit you’ll enjoy from this is that the system can eliminate the time-consuming and unsafe mechanism of chains, slings, and hooks. Glass vacuum systems do not require chains, cables, and hooks, which brings about faster unload and load cycles. Another benefit you will enjoy with these lifters is that they offer a robust and positive engagement of the glass or piece you’re lifting. Unlike chains and slings prone to loosen or shift, a vacuum will provide a firmer grip to avoid any accident. This is very important and will protect other employees. Glass vacuum lifters also eliminate the need for a tag-line operator.

The economy is another thing to consider. For example, chains, ropes, and cables may cost much, even though they won’t do the job safely. Imagine what using chains will be like. Chains are not only heavy, but they can also cause damage to the glass. Also, the item is likely to be wobbling and spinning consistently, which is further risky. Sometimes, an individual may be required to hold the item in place, but there have been many past reports about cases of accidental occurrences that caused serious injuries. The main benefit of glass vacuum lifters is that it eliminates the need for personnel at work stations. Only an operator will be given complete control over the device. This operator will be responsible for lifting, manipulating, and placing items in different places. With this, you can save costs on hiring many people to do the job for you. Also, the process is a lot faster with this device compared to other conventional methods.

Types of Suction Cup for Glass Lifters

Suction cups for glass lifters differ in dimensions and capacity. They also vary in the power source that they utilize. However, they either operate with pneumatic or manual movement. The different types of the suction cup for glass lifters are outlined below:

Electrically powered suction cup: Just as the name suggests, this suction cup is electrically powered. However, what you must note is that some of them use batteries that are usually rechargeable. Suction cups that utilize batteries usually come with two separate pairs, and that is to ensure usage flexibility.

Compressed air suction cups: This is the most common suction cup out there, and it is now used in glass filters. Some of them may be manually operated, while others may be automated. However, the main mechanism that they work with is by utilizing air pumps.

Suction cups for curved glasses: Have you ever seen a curved glass and wondered how it was moved from the ground to its current position? That is what this type of cup is designed for. In most cases, the conventional suction cups may only be suitable for flat glasses. However, if the glass is curved, a special type of suction cup may be required, and that is where this cup will come in handy.

Suction cups for lifting insulation glass: As we all know, glass also has varying characteristics, among which include thickness and overall textures. There are suction cups designed to handle glass windows, especially those with two separate sheets. This type of glass will require extra care when handling, and the conventional suction cups may not be suitable for the job.

Autonomous suction cups: This is not a common suction cup, but it is also a handy tool for glass lifters. The cups are also effective for different types of glasses, and they can be customized to suit different needs.

Handheld Suction Cups: Glass lifters are not only used for heavy-duty glass lifting jobs. They can also be used for smaller tasks, like moving a small piece of glass from one place to the other. For this type of task, you will not require an industrial-scale glass lifter. The only thing you’ll need is a glass lifter with a suction cup that has a fixed handle.

All these suction cups are designed to improve safety and enhance productivity. They are also available in shapes like concave, universal, and bellows.


Glass lifters are one of the best innovations for construction companies, and the benefits they offer cannot be overemphasized. There are different types of suction pumps that can be used on glass, depending on the glass’s shape and size.

We have outlined the different types of suction cups for glass vacuum lifters so that you can know the one that’s perfect to suit your needs. Fortunately, the suction cups are very easy to install, and you can do it on your own.

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Glass Vacuum Lifter Can Make Construction More Productive