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Grabo Electric Lifter: A Technology to Adopt into your Business

Most industries today do not hesitate to accept innovations and new technologies, especially those that make work a lot easier. Today, there are many vacuum lifting equipment available in the market, with newer varieties being released regularly. The aim of this is to improve business efficiency, especially when lifting heavy or delicate items. Adopting vacuum lifting technology will be one of the best decisions you’d make for your business.

As we have mentioned earlier, there are so many varieties in the market, all of which have come to stay. These devices have also proven to be perfect replacements for clamps, chains, and straps. The device makes it a lot easier to lift larger items and place them anywhere. There are so many other uses that these vacuum lifting equipment offer, life safety, and efficiency.

Of all the available vacuum lifters in the market today, we are narrowing this article to the Grabo Electric Lifter, which is a small handheld device. The tool is powerful equipment, and it will come in handy on any job site. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the Grabo Electric Lifter. Read on!


An Overview of the Grabo Electric Lifter

This is a cordless suction cup vacuum lifter device that is powered by an electric vacuum pump. This is the best power source for achieving higher suction levels, making it perfect for different surfaces. The Grabo electric lifter can work on porous, wet, and rough surfaces, a diversity that you will not find with any type of vacuum lifter. Also, the device has proven to be effective for tile fixing, handling, and installation.

The device works by creating suction on the surfaces of materials to make it a lot easier to move and place items. With this electric lifter, you can lift concrete, metal, natural stone, concrete tiles, checker plate, drywall, marble, texture plates, ribbed glass, and wood with ease.

Since it’s a handheld device, many may wonder about the maximum weight it can lift. It is important to note that you can use the grabo electric lifter to conveniently lift 170kg. That’s why it can be used to lift items like those mentioned earlier. One of the unique things about the lifter is that it offers much efficiency, even on rough surfaces, like gypsum boards, rock, natural stone tiles, concrete, and wood. Rubber suction cups may not be effective on these rough surfaces.

Another area in which most suction cups have proven to be ineffective is porous surfaces. However, with the grabo lifter, you can work on any surface with much efficiency. Fortunately, the device is easy to operate, and it has only two buttons. The green button will let you on or off the vacuum pump, and with the red button, you can release the suction pad.

Even though it’s an electric device, it is cordless and operates with a 14.8v battery. You don’t have to worry about how long the battery will last because it can go for as long as two hours. What’s amazing is that each unit of this device features two battery packs. Another vital feature is the anchoring points where you can attach different straps. That will make it a lot easier for you to handle more materials.

One thing you must know before you purchase this device is that there are two different formats available. The Plus and the Standard form. With the plus form of this device, you will enjoy an additional feature which is the pressure gauge that is integrated into the device. Whether you buy the plus or the standard form, you will get two different battery packs, a replacement foam seal, a lifting strap, and a battery charging lead. All these are supplied in a single pack, and the device is ready to use, meaning that you won’t have to assemble anything.

If you are looking for a handy tool, especially when you need to adjust items after it has been laid, you may want to consider this battery-powered device. With Grabo, you can use one hand to pick the item and use the other hand to make necessary adjustments. You might think this isn’t a special thing, but you may need to pick the item many times without achieving anything without this device. Grabo will help you save more time.

Other Uses of Grabo Electric Lifter

The grabo lifter can be used for any type of surface. However, the efficiency also depends on the porosity of the material it is to be used on. The texture of such a material is also another important feature that affects the suction ability of the device. In general, the density of the material is the main thing that influences porosity. If the material is not porous enough, the grabo lifter will be less likely to hold it firmly. That is why the device is more effective with natural stone, unlike concrete paver. Weight is also a key factor that influences the efficiency of the device. Avoid using the device on objects weight more than 170kg if you want to get the best.


Vacuum lifters are available in different sizes and shapes, and most of the options you will find in the market are better suited for large-scale operations. Consider the grabo electric lifter if you are looking for something smaller or a handheld device that can be used on different surfaces. The device is not only handy but also versatile.


grabo electric lifter
Grabo Electric Lifter: A Technology to Adopt into your Business