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How Suction Lifters are Changing and Saving Time and Money for Tilers and Contractors

In any work related to tiling and construction, there will always be the need to lift, carry and move different types of materials and objects that are, most of the time, very heavy. When this need arises, many contractors and tilers turn to conventional methods like slings, hooks, and chains to move these objects. Still, there are many downsides to doing this, with the most important being the safety of personnel.

A suction lifter allows for the efficient and effective move, assembly, and lifting of different elements. They are a form of suction cups and are applied in industrial and commercial lifting operations. With a suction lifter, you can make work easier for employees, increase productivity, reduce labor costs, and more, all while saving time. Here are the different ways these lifters are changing the work environment for the contractor and tilers for the better.

It is Less Time Consuming

It takes way less time to move an element with a suction lifter than with the conventional methods of using hooks, chains, and slings. With these power tools, you can instantly connect them to any surface, whether rough or smooth. Once it's connected, you can lift the object immediately, most of the time with one hand, and place it where it's meant to be while making adjustments with the other hand. You save time, and there will also be less downtime between lifts.

It is Highly Capable

Suction lifters are highly capable of moving and lifting a wide range of objects. As long as you purchase one of high quality, you'll be surprised by the wide range of elements they can carry without accidents and faltering. These include wood, plywood, dry wood, metal, concrete and concrete tiles, natural stone, ribbed glass, and many more. When you connect the lifter to the object, it hooks it immediately. It can also be used in a wide range of industries and for many purposes, making it a well-needed tool during construction or tiling. Chains, hooks, and slings can always come loose, but the suction lifter powerfully engages the rough or smooth surface of the object.

It Reduces Risks of On-Site Accidents

Many on-site accidents are caused when workers are trying to carry one heavy object from one place to another, whether they are doing so manually or with pulleys, hooks and slings. The risk of having a heavy object fall and injure a worker exists in any construction and tiling site, and there is also a risk of workers being injured when they climb on trailers to attach chains and slings. Even if it doesn't harm anyone, you still end up with damaged materials. Once the suction lifter is connected to an object, it doesn't let go unless you disconnect it. Thus, the risk of on-site accidents concerning lifting objects will be removed.

It Cuts Costs

If you are using suction lifters on your construction or tiling site, it eliminates the need for some employees and other expensive tools. For instance, you won't need cribbing or spacers for plates or pipes on the site, which are pretty costly when you want to purchase them. It also reduces the number of tagline operators you need to employ on the ground, usually required when lifting elements conventionally. The need for fewer ground personnel means you can reduce the payroll, insurance costs and more.

It Comes with Different Tech Features for Better Use

Depending on the suction lifter you purchase, you can enjoy even more high-tech services when you use it on the construction or tiling site. Many of these devices come with visual or audio alarms when you use them, indicating whether the environment is unsafe for lifting. This improves efficiency and also reduces the risks of accidents. These vacuum lifters can also be used in places that people cannot reach as long as it's fitted with the right features. There is also the feature of wireless remote operation and 360 degrees rotation in some suction lifters.

Benefit Your Workers

Your employees will greatly benefit from having a suction lifter on site. With the lifter, it becomes easier for them to take objects from one place to another and reduce their chances of getting hurt. Since it saves time, your workers will be pleased with finishing their work quickly and taking on new projects, instead of spending a lot of time on one particular project.

Construction Work Just Got Easier

Considered one of the most needed inventions for construction workers and tilers, the suction lifters go a long way in making life at these sites more accessible. Since a large part of construction work and tiling involves lifting and moving objects, it becomes more convenient to do so when you have this powerful tool.