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Grabo Suction Cup Is Taking Over The Stone Industry By Storm - Here's Why

Regardless of the situation, a specific thing will always take the lead. So, in the world of technological devices for lifting and handling, GRABO Suction Cup is exceptional. There is no mistake when it is expressed that GRABO Suction Cup is taking over the stone by storm. Yes, it's becoming popular and successful as many construction experts make it their preference.

There is an incredible transformation taking place in the way things are lifted. And this is championed by GRABO. GRABO has revolutionized how to lift and handle glass, tiles, plywood, concrete, furniture, drywall, furniture, and lots more by making GRABO Suction Cup. Since the pistol grip drill, Garbo has remained the most exciting novel invention in the stone industry. This Garbo device is made to reduce workload, physical exertion and to handle construction materials safely. It is designed for construction workers, flooring professionals, carpenters, glass installers, and movers. You can use Grabo Suction Cup with auxiliary lifting straps to lift to 170kg (375 lbs), move and transport boxes, furniture, household appliances, and entertainment systems. With GRABO Suction Cup, performing heavy lifting, difficulty moving, and installation tasks are transformed and made easy. You can use it for almost any surface, porous, rough, or were. With many more characteristics of GRABO, it stands tall among other types of products!

Why Is GRABO Suction Cup Taking Over The Stone Industry By Storm?

If you're looking for the reasons GRABO is taking over the stone industry, you should know that these reasons are not farfetched. Grab Suction Cup is basically characterized by its ability to make lifting heavy lifting easy. Numerous industry professionals trust Grabo Suction Cup to lift dry, rough, and porous material. One of the significant reasons GRABO Suction Cup is well-known and made a choice is its technology and technological specifications. The following are the summary of the unique technical capabilities of GRABO's tech:

GRABO Suction Cup adheres to the rough surface: The unique seal of GRABO creates an excellent seal to etched and uneven surfaces, unlike the traditional suction cups that can only work on clean, flat, and airtight surfaces. The exact profile roughness parameters determine the maximum surface roughness to which GRABO can be fastened to. Generally, the top surface roughness is restricted to an amplitude of about 0.1 inches ( 2.5mm). With this GRABO's capability, a seal can be created with the majority of patterned pavers, roles, and construction materials.

GRABO Suction Cup keeps a seal against porous materials: Technically, air can easily flow through a porous surface. If you check around, you will see that lots of construction materials are porous. Some of them include rock, concrete, wood, gypsum boards, and many tiles and ceramics. Standard suction cups can't hold porous materials after a few seconds. Bit this is not a challenge at all for GRABO Suction Cup. It works most common porous materials in the stone industry. This makes it distinct.

Grabo Suction Cup Is Taking Over The Stone Industry By Storm - Here's Why