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Five Amazing Facts About the Nemo GRABO Electric Suction Cup

Whether you're in the hardscaping industry or not, it helps to have high-quality vacuum lifting equipment that can serve a wide range of purposes. This is where the Nemo Grabo Electric Suction Cup comes in. This hand-held device might look small, but it's one of the most influential pieces of equipment you can have in your toolbox. 

The suction lifter is made by Nemo Power Tools LTD and is considered one of the best in the market. Capable of connecting to any surface and lifting any material, there's a lot to know about what this electric suction cup has to offer. Our guide will specifically look at the top five amazing facts about the Nemo Grabo.

It's the First of Its Kind

The Nemo Grabo is the first-ever fully portable electric suction cup that can be used to move, lift and place a wide range of materials in the position you want them to be. They can grab almost every surface and are unlimited, unlike previous suction cups before them. The fact that it's portable also sets it apart from the competition and makes it easier for the worker to carry it around. It is used to carry many items, from tiles and furniture to plasterboard and even large appliances. 

By many professionals, it's considered an exciting invention in the world of power tools and the best since the pistole grip drill. It was also a bestseller in hardware stores globally in 2019.

It Can Carry A Wide Range of Materials

Whether the surface is rough or smooth, the Nemo Grabo electric suction lifter has no problem attaching itself to it. Not only this, but it follows through with the move without faltering. The Grabo can be used to pick up concrete tiles, texture plates, natural stone, wood, checker plate, ribbed glass, concrete, marble, drywall, and metal. 

It is well-known because it instantly connects with the surface of the object you want to pick up without any stress or fuss. Since it can carry heavy materials, it is used to save time and energy while you work.

It Can Be Operated with One Hand

Talk about convenience! The electric suction cup is handy when the object has to be picked up after it has been laid down for easy adjusting. With any average suction machine out there, the user will spend a lot of time trying to place their fingers under the unit to lift it. Not only this, but after using both hands to lift it, they have no other indicators to make further adjustments.

The Nemo Grabo differs in this aspect, as it allows you to pick up the unit you want to move with one hand. Thus, your other hand is free to make adjustments, which can help you save time since you will move and adjust the unit simultaneously.

Anyone Can Use It

It's common knowledge that electric suction cups are used in the hardscape industry for placing wall caps, pool coping, large step treads, pillar caps and more. The device makes the work of those in this industry even easier while preventing their fingers from being gripped at the edges of what they are moving. 

As for the Nemo Grabo electric vacuum suction lifter, it goes beyond use in the hardscape industry. It can be applied in a wide range of industries as long as you want to move, adjust, and lift any of the materials mentioned above. If you're going to protect your fingers or create a handle for heavy pieces of plywood and drywall, regardless of the business you're operating; the Grabo will come in handy.

It is Super Affordable

If you're looking out for cost-effectiveness, this is another amazing fact that the Nemo Grabo stays true to. One will expect a high-tech tool like this one to come at a high price, but it continues to be highly affordable regardless of where it's being purchased.

Since it's affordable, anyone can use it in their place of business. Its small design also makes it easier for you to carry from one place to another, and since it's a famous power tool, you can easily purchase it in different online and physical hardware stores close to you.

Bonus Fact: Nemo Grabo Has Positive Reviews

The Nemo Grabo suction cup has only attracted more positive than negative reviews since it emerged in the power tool industry. Many people praise its effectiveness on a job site, portability, and capability, as well as cost-efficiency. Since it comes in a kit with other items that complement its usage, it has become a favorite among workers in various industries. 

Five Amazing Facts About the Nemo GRABO Electric Suction Cup